Planned Parenthood aids pimp’s underage sex ring — See it for yourself.

Undercover at Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.

Undercover at Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.

This video documents a Planned Parenthood director in New Jersey helping a pimp run his underage sex ring.  As much as I dislike Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t have believed this myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

In the video, the manager of PP Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy abortion clinc tells “Joe” and “Gia” how to get abortions, STD treatment, and contraceptives for their brothel of adolescents as young as 14, some here illegally.

Woodruff coaches the pair on how to have the younger girls lie about their age.  She gives them the name of another clinic (Metropolitan Medical Associates), a mill that is apparently even more sleezy than her own and will do abortions for pimps with even fewer questions asked.

See it for yourself:


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