Planned Parenthood acts boldly against institutional hypocrisy, fires peon

Cecile Richards

Neither PP peon Rebecca nor PP President Cecile Richards could explain the policy, but Richards gets to keep her $400,000/yr job.

In a bold move to stamp out institutional hypocrisy, Planned Parenthood (PP) has fired Rebecca, an entry-level counselor in Texas … because she couldn’t implement — or did implement, we can’t figure out which — PP’s self-contradictory policy on sex-selection abortions.  It’s confusing, because it is apparently PP policy to condemn, support, and be nonjudgmental on sex-selection abortions, all at the same time!

At any rate, the counselor offered PP’s services to perform the abortion, an abortion it is their policy to peform, yet they fired her for it.  Confused yet?

In a related matter, PP Executive Director Cecile Richards, despite having a full staff and plenty of time to prepare a thoughtful statement, couldn’t even explain the policy, at least not coherently.  But she gets to keep her $400,000/yr job.

Here’s what PP has said about the sex-selection abortions that they themselves commit and profit from:

  • PP: “Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection [abortions].” (source)
  • PP: “We oppose sex selection abortion.” (source)
  • PP “strongly opposes” limits on sex selection abortion.  Specifically, PP opposes HR 3541, which would prevent sex-selection abortions, because it “will have the result of further shaming and stigmatizing women” who would use abortion to kill their female offspring. (source)  [Note: It would be awful for PP to “shame and stigmatize” an act that PP profits from but claims to “condemn.”]
  • PP provides “nonjudgmental” reproductive health care (i.e., abortions), apparently including sex-selection abortions that PP claims to condemn. (source)
  • “No Planned Parenthood clinic will deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one, except in those states that explicitly prohibit sex-selective abortions.” (story by leftist website Huffington Post, summarizing statement by a PP spokesperson)

How does PP “condemn” a practice that they themselves commit and profit from as a matter of policy?  And how do they “condemn” the practice in a “nonjudgmental” way? … You can’t make this stuff up!

There are many ways to combat injustice, and each can be important because each can reach a different audience.  At CBR … that’s my day job … we expose abortion using pictures.  At Live Action, they expose the abortion industry’s war on women.  Over and over again, PP has been caught on tape aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of minor children and even sex trafficking.

Earlier this week, Live Action released a video in which a PP counselor in Texas was confronted with a Live Action operative posing as a woman seeking to kill her child … if it were a girl.  She wanted a boy.  True to PP policy, the counselor provided “nonjudgmental” counseling and offered PP’s assistance if she found out later that she was pregnant with an unwanted female child.

As soon as Live Action released the video, PP fired the counselor involved.  But of course, PP couldn’t explain what policy she violated.  She told the client the same things that PP has said publicly … that PP will abortion your child in a “nonjudgmental” way.  Perhaps the only way PP can deal with institutional hypocrisy is to fire the poor menial at the bottom of the org chart.

Efforts like Live Action’s ProtectOurGirls.com are important because they expose the deep chasm between the American people, who want abortion to be legal only in certain circumstances, and Planned Parenthood, who makes huge profits when abortion is unlimited and is subsidized by your dollars (follow the money).

Here is the first video report from Live Action:

CBR Genetic Genocide Sign Final - Gender - 475


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