ObamaCare nightmare for one Kentucky family

Health Care Scam

Health Care Scam

Insurance cost almost triples, from $333/month to $965 for this family.

Remember that the current version of ObamaCare is only Phase I.  Phase II comes later.  The purpose of Phase I is to create such chaos in the health care industry that people will scream for relief.

When that happens, the statists who created this mess will blame the insurance companies and demand a new round of changes to protect consumers from the evil insurance companies.  (What we really need is protection from evil government, but that will never be mentioned.)

Statists will insist that only government can be trusted with something this important, and they will attempt to force all of us into a single-payer, government-run, health-care rationing system.  This system will of course be “affordable,” because “somebody else” will be paying.  That’s Phase II.

Notice that the statists who created the mess will blame everyone but themselves and will claim that only they can fix the problem.  Will the American public be stupid enough to fall for it?  We shall see.


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