Obama DOJ on voter fraud: not interested

See No Evil

Chicago storm troopers see no voter fraud.

Apparently, the Obama administration is intent on expanding its power by bringing Chicago-style voter fraud to the entire nation.

To really understand the mind-set of Pres. Obama and his henchmen, you have to read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky was the father of “community organizing” in Chicago, and he provided the philosophical underpinnings for much of what has become of the Democratic party over the past 30 years.  In Chapter 2 (Of Means and Ends) any means are acceptable as long as the end result is to take away from the “Haves” and give to the “Have-Nots”.  One of Alinsky’s moral authorities is none other than Vladimir Lenin, killer of millions.

Since the Alinsky movement is driven by atheists who reject the notion of Christian virtues, these people have no sense of accountability to any outside moral authority (e.g., God).  To them, laws and morality are only constructs of the Haves to hold onto their own power/wealth and keep the Have-Nots from getting theirs.  They hold themselves accountable only to their own ideology, which is to take from the Haves and give to the Have-Nots.  (Of course, they are not above taking a huge cut for themselves [Source 1, Source 2].)  As long as the end result is that more people are helped than harmed, it is morally justifiable to lie, cheat, steal, and (if we are to follow the example of Lenin) even murder.

These people are not your father’s Democrats or even your next-door-neighbor Democrats.  They are Alinsky-ites and they are not to be trusted.



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