Nobody is pro-abortion? Really?

Killing a baby is a bad choice at Market Square


In the comments appended to the WBIR story on our Urban GAP at Market Square, Canna asserted that nobody thinks abortion is a great thing:

OMG- NO ONE thinks abortion is a great thing- what an IDIOTIC thing to say. No one I know, including myself, is pro-abortion. However, I AM pro-choice. … The points that others are making here are:
1. that no one (few) are pro-abortion, they are PRO-CHOICE and believe the right to bear an embryo to full term is the choice and a matter of the family alone. not your matter.
2. that nearly everyone is a proponent of life and prosperity, but since we haven’t gotten it right yet, why don’t we help those in need of food and health before we force others to bear life. Rights to the unborn are valid but DO NOT PRE-EMPT the rights of the born.
3. regardless of ANYONE’S stance on abortion, your photos are unnecessarily graphic and DO NOT belong on public dislplay, especially in the presence of children. Not only is this rude, it is not an effective tool. ALSO- MOST abortions occur early trimester, when the fetus looks like a tiny lump of cells- not like in your graphics. Would you display graphic images of dead people in front of a DUI offender’s home for all-including children- to see? Of course NOT! Besides, where is the dignity of the deceased you post so proudly on public display??

I responded:

Every time we visit a college campus, a steady stream of students and professors are eager to declare the wonderful benefits of legalized abortion for society. They are most definitely “pro-abortion.” They tell us that abortion helps create a society in which all children are “wanted.” Planned Parenthoods own motto is “Every child a wanted child.” They tell us that abortion helps eliminate child abuse. Who could be against that? They tell us that abortion helps alleviate overpopulation and poverty. Abortion even reduces crime, they say. They tell us that abortion helps create a more equitable society (as if women were somehow inferior to men and thus needed invasive medical procedures in order to be equal). I’m surprised you have never heard these arguments. Here an essay I found online just now: Why Abortion Improves Society.

You said, “Rights to the unborn are valid but DO NOT PRE-EMPT the rights of the born.” I believe the correct term for this logical fallacy is the “straw-man.” You have misrepresented the pro-life position when you suggest we believe that the rights of the pre-born preempt the rights of the born. The fact is that we believe the rights of the pre-born child should be equal to the born child. Not preeminent, but equal.

You said that most abortions occur “early trimester.” Not sure what you mean by that term. If you mean that most abortions occur in the first trimester, then you are correct. It’s about 90% of the total. And most of the abortion photos in our display are, in fact, first-trimester abortions. Only two of the abortion photos were not first-trimester abortions. For more on the developmental stages in the first trimester, visit http://www.EHD.org/.

When I was in high school, we were shown a graphic video of people who had been injured or killed in car accidents. The purpose was to show us the result of careless or impaired driving, and thereby motivate us to drive soberly and carefully. If showing such a photo in public could save just one teenager from being killed by a drunk driver, I would show it in a heartbeat. Of course, we don’t need to do that because our society does not cover up the results of drunk driving. But because all of society’s institutions cover up the results of abortion, you can count on us to expose that truth every chance we get.

I could also have pointed out that when Stephen Douglas debated Abraham Lincoln over slavery, he didn’t say he was pro-slavery.  He merely argued that the Southern states should have the right to choose whether to be a slave state or a free state.  In private, he stated that he opposed slavery.  Would Canna say that Mr. Douglas was pro-slavery or just pro-choice?

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