Mobile ultrasound on campus because you supported CBR

Your support of CBR helped get this mobile ultrasound and pregnancy resource center on campus.

Your support of CBR helped get this mobile ultrasound and pregnancy resource center on campus. (photo from The Broadside)

Every week at George Mason University (GMU), a mobile ultrasound clinic from A Best Chioce (ABC) offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to women on campus.  Link to story here.  ABC explains why:

Ultrasound gives a woman an opportunity to bond with her baby early on, and 8 out of 10 abortion-minded women choose life after seeing their baby on ultrasound.  Women attending college are the most vulnerable to the deceptive lure of abortion, so we realize that a pro-life presence on college campuses is vital.  Sharing the truth will allow us to witness many lives saved.

Here’s something great:  By supporting CBR, you helped make this ministry possible!

Two years ago, we made GMU a priority for pro-life activism.  Our goals were to

  • recruit students who would restart pro-life activism on campus,
  • bring the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) to GMU, and
  • encourage a wide range of pro-life projects.

It was the Pro Life on Campus hat trick!

  • Read stories of GAP at GMU here, here, and here.
  • New pro-life activism here, here, and here.
  • Now, the GMU Students for Life (SFL) are hosting a mobile ultrasound and pregnancy resource center on campus every week!  Link to story here.

ABC is the only mobile ultrasound and pregnancy resource center in the DC area.  Executive Director Angela Clarke and Medical Director Dr. Kirsten Ball both played key roles in helping us restart the GMU SFL.  Now, the GMU SFL is hosting ABC’s mobile ultrasound unit every week.  Cooperation … what a concept!

Explanatory note:  On most campuses, non-student groups like CBR and ABC can’t just show up and occupy space.  We have to reserve that space.  Under most circumstances, we can’t just reserve the space ourselves; we have to be hosted by some on-campus department or student organization.  That’s why GMU SFL is critical.

Because you helped us get GMU SFL back on its feet in 2011, babies are being saved today.  It’s the pro-life double-whammy:

  • Show people the truth … Make them more horrified of abortion.
  • Offer resources and support … Make them less terrified of an unplanned pregnancy.

People choose life when they are more horrified of abortion than they are terrified of unplanned pregnancy.  We have to do two things: (1) show people the truth and (2) offer them help.

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