Mixed Nuts at Western Kentucky University

CBR’s Joanna confronts hypocrisy with a gentle but firm directness. Exposing the deeds of darkness is the most loving thing one can do.

Our recent trip to Western Kentucky University (WKU) was our second visit, having been at WKU two years before that.

Changing minds and winning hearts.  We had no sooner set up at when Allison walked up and let us know that she had been pro-abortion when we had visited in 2015. She saw the pictures and spoke with CBR volunteer Gene Garrett. She even rode in our Truth Truck and heard the Gospel. After we left, she did more research. As a result of all of this, she changed. She is now pro-life.

“There is none so blind as he who will not see.”  That’s what the great philosopher Ray Stevens said.  Paul went a little further.  He wrote, “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see …” (2 Corinthians 4:4)  Zach, a 27-year-old student lamented, “They accuse you guys of talking in circles, but they go in circles and ask you to follow.  They have one-dimensional arguments.  If you ask “Why?” all they can say is “Because.”  I am a believer and outspoken in class.  I try to get people to move deeper on their stance, but these folks cannot.”

Hypocrisy.  Men can’t speak, except for when they can.  One guy was holding a sign, “Men can’t speak on women’s rights.”  Apparently, his buddy is excepted.  His sign said, “I love abortion.”

Hiding.  ABC-13 WBKO ran a story “covering” our Truth Truck driving around town.  They said they had received a photo of our GAP display from a student, but it was “too graphic” to show.  But why is it “too graphic” to show?  Because abortion is an act of violence, and the pro-abort media do not want people to see the truth.

Healing.  Debbie Picarello of Deeper Still, a post-abortion ministry which partners with CBR, set up a table next to GAP.  She ministered to students who had already been involved in abortion. One student took materials for himself and his former girlfriend — she aborted his child against his will.  An older pro-life man told Debbie that he was post-abortive and shared his story with her. Debbie explained that Deeper Still is available for men as well as for women. A female student thanked her for being on campus and commended her for being “brave”.

Compassion.  Matthew announced that he would meet with the Counseling Center after GAP to discuss ways they might help those hurting after abortions.


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