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SFLA Missionaries for Life

SFLA Missionaries for Life

Please forward this announcement to every pro-life college student you know!

Want to learn what it takes to work in the pro-life movement full-time?  Want to find out where you best fit into the pro-life movement?  Want to work to save the unborn for an entire summer?

Be a 2012 Missionary for Life!

Apply now to be selected for a competitive, 9-week rotating pro-life internship this summer!

Nowhere else will you get the one-of-a-kind experience of meeting pro-life and conservative leaders, learning how the pro-life grassroots movement works, and seeing Congress in action!

Selected candidates will start their rotating internship in Manassas, VA in June and finish in August.

Candidates will work for 3 weeks in each of the following offices: Students for Life of America headquarters, another national pro-life organization, and a pro-life Congressional office on Capitol Hill.

As a Missionary for Life, your housing will be provided. Missionaries will stay with selected host families in the D.C. area.

To apply,

  • Submit your resume
  • Send a short paragraph on why you want to be selected as a 2012 Missionary for Life
  • Tell us if you will be able to bring a car (as some host families do not live near public transportation)
  • Applications are due March 18, 2012!

Apply now!

What past Missionaries said about the SFLA Missionary for Life Program:

“This experience has given me not only knowledge of the workings of the pro-life movement but as well contacts within the movement.  Networking is key and I feel that the people I have connected with are people that can aide me in being successful in my future pro-life work.”  (Emily Espinola, Franciscan University)

“Spending this summer as a Missionary for Life intern has equipped me with the knowledge, resources, and the inspiration necessary to make me twice as effective as a student leader. Having gained a more comprehensive understanding of the pro-life movement, I now know all the different angles from which I can approach the issue on my campus and am now streaming with new ideas of how I will help bring about a culture of life on my campus.” (Steven McNulty, Clarion University)

“Thanks to my experiences this summer with SFLA, I will now spend a lifetime devoting time to the pro-life movement.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most devoted pro-life activists in the nation, and they have truly inspired me to work tirelessly for the unborn.” (Jennifer Kacerosky, University of Florida)

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