Meanwhile, Pro Life on Campus back at George Mason University

Anna and another at GMU

Anna and Christina talk about “choice” with a GMU student. They use a CBR “Choice” sign because they know the word has no meaning without the photo.

We continue to be impressed by the good work of the George Mason University (GMU) Students for Life, led by their president Anna Maher and aided by local CBR volunteer Jonathan Darnel.

Aldo at GMU

With Planned Parenthood making national news, Aldo could intoduce GMU students to PP's main business.

Every week, they display abortion pictures.  Every week, they pick up new members.  More people are volunteering for leadership.  It’s amazing what one person can start when she puts her mind to it.

Nicole and Mike at GMU

Michael and Nicole at GMU.

Earlier this month, they were joined for the day by CBR Virginia Project Director Nicole Cooley.

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