Manufacturing machines … built by accident? (video)

Manufacturing Hemoglobin

Manufacturing hemoglobin (blue = ribosome, yellow = RNA, green = transfer molecule, red = manufactured hemoglobin)

Watch a hemoglobin molecule being manufactured inside a cell … in real time.  As you watch the video, try to convince yourself that this molecular manufacturing assembly line (and millions more just like it) evolved from primordial soup by cosmic accident.  If you don’t see evidence of design, you might be a religious fanatic.  Just sayin’.

This animation comes from the good folks at the Discovery Institute.  See detailed description here.


When the right transfer molecule plugs in, the amino acid it carries is added to the growing protein chain.  Again, you are watching this in real time.  After a few seconds, the assembled protein starts to emerge from the ribosome.

In this case, the end product is hemoglobin.  The cells in our bone marrow churn out 100 trillion molecules it per second.

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