Man up!

It's time to step up

Men discuss personal responsibility at Georgia Southern University.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

Men, you have every right to stand for your pre-born children.  Fathers have equal responsibility for the lives of their children.  Fathers have the right to say, “Do not abort my baby!”

Unfortunately, the pro-abortion culture says that unless a man is coercing the mother to abort, they have no say-so.  The laws reflect this.

At Grand Valley State University, many young men took time to let the pictures sink in.  They thought about the implications and asked questions.  They listened carefully to our answers and thanked us for being there.  These young men wanted to take responsibility for their future children.  They wanted to be men, not boys who ran and hid.

At Georgia Southern University, a young man came to our poll table and was about to vote “Yes, abortion should remain legal.”  He reasoned that since we don’t know a mother’s “situation,” we can’t outlaw abortion.  As I pointed to the pictures and asked if it was truly okay to decapitate and dismember a pre-born child based on the “situation,” he seemed less and less sure of himself.  As I asked questions, he finally admitted that a past girlfriend had aborted one of his children.  The time wasn’t right for a baby.  He later had a baby girl with a different mother, and that little girl was his whole world.

As we continued to talk, the young man started to look sad … regretful.  He thought about his dead child.  That child would have been his whole world, too.  But he had believed lies.  The pro-abortion cowed him to be silent, while an abortionist murdered his child.

Men, protecting your child is your God-given responsibility, so man up!

Women, take a step back and let the man in your life protect you and your baby.  Together, you can do it.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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