Knowing good and evil

by Jacqueline Hawkins

He was a sweet and kind Georgia Southern University student.  He understood the value and importance of human beings.  He understood evil and unfairness.

However, he truly believed that there must be a point at which human beings become distinct enough and awake enough to actually matter.  He declared, “I need to do more research to find out when reason, awareness, and consciousness begin, more than just the automatic process that kicks in gear at fertilization.  Otherwise I can’t tell you when I think we should have limits.”

Um…what?  Exactly who gave him the authority to decide who lives and who dies, based on of his future “research”?  Planned Parenthood?  President Obama?  No, not quite, but close.  Lucifer is the one who gave this young man his false authority.  After all, what he said is very reminiscent of what Satan said about the tree of knowledge of good and evil: “…when you eat [the fruit], your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Gen 3:5, RSV-CE).  With a little bit of research you will be able to determine who lives and who dies.  You will be able to set the limits.

It’s a clever lie believed by the recent godless generations.  If there is no God to answer to, then man, admittedly the highest ranking creature in the material world, is the arbiter of good and evil, even life and death — even among his own kind.  The current culture empowers (coddles) young people until they are spoiled rotten and completely fooled into thinking they are the masters of the universe.  If they eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they can determine who lives and who dies.

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