Key States Initiative (KSI) deploys to Ohio … Help make history!

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Pictures of abortion help voters see that being pro-life is not extremism; killing babies is extremism.

CBR has deployed three Key States Initiative (KSI) truck teams to Ohio, to make sure abortion is part of the political debate in that key state.  Lord willing, they will operate in northern Ohio until Election Day.  More about KSI hereMedia coverage here.

Here is an encouraging word from Tom Herring, one of our volunteer drivers:

Driving a CBR truck was one of the most fulfilling pro-life activities I’ve ever done.  …  The likelihood of those teens [who saw the trucks] choosing abortion, or choosing abortion advocates to represent them in government, has been radically diminished.

We desperately need drivers in Ohio.  We’ll get you there, we’ll house you, and we’ll feed you.  No special license required.  We’ll train you to drive!  You must be at least 21 years old and have a good driving record.  Please join our tream.  Contact Leslie Sneddon Call 207-607-3488 or e-mail her at lsneddon@cbrinfo.org.

If you can’t go to Ohio yourself, would you send us a tank of truck fuel ($350)?  Because of our matching donor, your gift will double as soon as you confirm the online gift!  That’s two tanks of fuel for the price of one!  Who else will give you that deal today?  Please give now.  Then e-mail us at Fletcher@ProLifeOnCampus.com to confirm the match.  Thanks so much!

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