It’s so hot and dry in Tennessee …

Hot in Tennessee (Charlie Daniel, KnoxNews.com)

Hot in Tennessee (Charlie Daniel, KnoxNews.com)

It’s so dry in Tennessee, …

  • the Baptists are baptizing by sprinkling,
  • the Methodists are using wet-wipes,
  • the Presbyterians are giving rain checks, and
  • the Catholics are praying for the wine to turn back into water!

It’s so hot in Tennessee, …

  • birds have to use potholders to pull the worms out of the ground.
  • the trees are whistling for the dogs.
  • hot water comes from both taps.
  • lizards jump into the fire to get under the shade of the skillet.
  • the temperature drops below 95 F and you feel a little chilly.
  • you break into a sweat when you step outside at 7:30 am.
  • you realize that asphalt has a liquid stage.
  • cows are giving evaporated milk.
  • farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice so they won’t lay boiled eggs.

(Thanks to State Rep. Stacey Campfield and KNS/Charlie Daniel.)


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