It ain’t over yet, cuz I ain’t dead yet.

I’m starting a list of lessons learned.  Please suggest your own via comment.

  1. There’s no such thing as a “pro-life” Democrat.  The pro-life side is in conflict with the Democrat side; the Democrat side wins almost every time.  One example is Lincoln Davis, who campaigned for pro-abort Harold Ford in 2008 and was listed as “undecided” on ObamaCare in the days leading up to the vote.
  2. There are very few Democrats left in DC.  There are plenty of Democrats out in the country, but very few still in Congress.  The Democratic Party has now morphed into a party led by Alinsky-ites.  People like Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, etc., would not recognize the Party they have become.  If you don’t know who Saul Alinsky is, you need to educate yourself.  Read his book, Rules for Radicals.  Alinsky was an atheist who rejected any objective standard for right and wrong.  Any means for achieving the “greater good for the most people,” whatever they deem that to be, is acceptable.  His moral authority is none other than Vladimir Lenin, killer of millions.  (See chapter 2 of Rules for Radicals)
  3. Dems were lying all along when they claimed to have the votes to defeat ObamaCare.  The final tally shows they didn’t have the votes until Stupak and 4 or 5 others caved.  For Alinsky-ites, lying is a tactic.  One lie is to always portray their plans as being a “done deal” as a way of disheartening their enemies.  We weren’t fooled by this, but Mr. Stupak was.
  4. The coming months will demonstrate that no matter how much the Alinsky-ites (and liberals generally) get, it’s never enough.  They want more.  Harry Reid has already announced their intentions to finalize the destruction of private health care and replace it with a government system.  If you oppose them, you hate poor people, you hate minorities, you hate immigrants, etc.  They will never be satisfied until they control every aspect of American life, especially who gets what.  The best way to manipulate people’s voting behavior is to control what they get to earn, keep, and buy.  (For example, “Those evil Republicans want to take away your Social Security, your medical care, etc.)  The irony is that they want to take away your health care with a single payer system that allows them to give back to you whatever they think you should have.
  5. You can never compromise with Alinsky-ites.  They are not interested in compromise.  They are interested in re-making America (a really bad place, in their minds) into their vision of what America should be.  They must be defeated.
  6. We have allowed our young people to grow up ignorant of the American traditions of freedom and capitalism.  These are inseparable, because you don’t have freedom if the government controls your economic life.  Freedom means more than choosing which TV to buy.  Our generation grew up under creeping socialism and saw the results of it in the 1970s (high inflation, high interest rates, high unemployment).  We also saw how Ronald Reagan restored the principles of limited government in the 1980s, setting off a 28-yr period of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity.  Our children, nieces, and nephews didn’t see all of that.  They don’t learn about the Reagan Revolution in government schools.  People have asked me, “What can we do now?”  My answer: give your sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews a history lesson.
  7. If you doubt the serious mess we are in, take a look at Europe.  High taxes suppress economic activity, with the predictable result of chronic unemployment.  Europeans have very little confidence in the future, as evidenced by their fertility rate (less than 2 per woman, well under the break-even rate).  The exception is the population of Muslims in these countries, who are having children at a rate of more than 8 per couple.  They are not assimilating into Western culture; they are maintaining their Islamic culture.  When their numbers are sufficient to control elections and institute Sharia Law, what will that do for human rights?  What about women’s rights?  Demographic experts have estimated that Germans will be a minority in their own country in 5o years.
  8. Alinsky-ites have a problem with declining numbers among the voting population in the US.  Liberals they tend to have fewer children than conservatives.  Their most dependable voting group is African Americans, but the population of African Americans is actually on the decline.  (Many Planned Parenthood abortion centers are located in African American neighborhoods.)  Their solution to this problem is to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and promise them a wide range of free goodies out of the public treasury in exchange for their political allegiance.  They will decry any attempt to stop this plan as motivated by hate (e.g., hate against people of color).
  9. This ain’t over yet.  Never give up.  The biggest lie they have is the lie that they own us and we can’t do anything about it.  Never give up.
  10. Your comments?

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