Holocaust Remembrance Day at Auburn University



Day 1 of our Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) at Auburn was Holocaust Remembrance Day.  People always complain that we schedule GAP on that day, because they are “offended” that we would compare killing millions of preborn children with killling millions of Jews and eastern Europeans.  We don’t target any particular day; we just look for good weather days when the students are on campus.  However, we believe it is just as appropriate to show the truth about abortion on that day as much as any other day, perhaps more so.

Nazis called their victims useless eaters and non-human (rats, pigs, vermin, “untermensch,” etc.).  So the government took away their rights, experimented on them, and killed them.  Surely we could never let that happen again.

Today, abortion promoters call their victims non-human (products of conception, blob of tissue, parasite, potential life, etc.) and a burden.  The Supreme Court took away their rights.  Medical practitioners experiment on them and kill them.

Many of the same people who say “never again” will turn around and destroy their own children, for very similar reasons.  They are “offended” when we point this out.

It is easy to oppose an injustice committed by somebody else, a long time ago, an ocean away.  It is much more difficult to oppose an injustice that we ourselves are guilty of, right here and right now.

But if people still complain, we make them this offer: If the abortion clinics will shut down their deadly clinics on Holocaust Remembrance Day (or any other day), we will suspend our presentations until the clinics open back up.

Dehumanization 475

Dehumanization – one of our most effective Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) panels.

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  1. May 4th, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Ted Knight says:

    I have long ago said that hitler’s germany (not capped intentionally) is no different than what our country, USA is doing. We are on the slippery slope and finding more victims to dispose of. Do you find yourself saying, “As long as it is not me they are coming for, I don’t care?” Well, one day it just may be you. Are you getting older? Will you get an illness or injury that makes you a non-contributor to society? Do you know that the infirm, the mentally ill, etc. are called consumers? Consuming what? Well, I suppose what you, the healthy and viable contributor would have if they did not get it. Don’t you see the path we are going down? First, we ban God from our lives, the Bible is cast out, separation of church and state is wrongly defined, and we take morals and ethics as not biblically based but for every man to do what is right in his own eyes. Hitler created an enemy and turned the people against them, en masse. Evil is triumphing and in order for it to continue, good men need to continue to do nothing. God bless you for standing for those who can’t defend themselves. This fight is noble and just and of all the evil being perpetrated in the world today, abortion is at the top of the list.

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