Gems at East Carolina University

ECU yielded many gems from open-minded students.

Open-area location allowed many ECU students to look, see, and know.

Here are some gems we found at East Carolina University:

Impressed upper classman.  “This is the best thing I have seen on campus in all four years!” said an ECU senior.  Here, here!

Brother-in-arms.  Pro-life activists often share their own stories with us.  A man who frequently walks and prays scripture around campus thanked us for being there.  In the 1970s, soon after Roe v Wade, he used laminated abortion victim images to do his own pro-life activism.  Many Christians and pro-lifers told him to tone it down, but he said “No way!”  He’s our kind of man.

Too much or just enough?  One student told us it was “too much”… at first.  But after speaking with our Jane Bullington, he said, “I see what you are doing and respect your right to do it.”  That was nice but the kicker was: “And yes, if this had just been a pamphlet you handed out, I would not be talking to you.”  Exactly.  Boy, our job would be so much easier if all we did was pass out pamphlets!  But that doesn’t get the work done.  That doesn’t engage the pro-aborts, fence-sitters, and even pro-lifers in a way that makes them want to come and hash it out.

Several African American students were touched by the pictures. Many of them spoke with Jane Bullington:

Look. See. Stop. Help.  “I didn’t want to look, but I had to look,” she said.  Jane asked her if she considered herself pro-life.  She did.  Jane replied, “Then I am glad you looked because when we realize how evil it is we will step into someone’s life and say, “Don’t.  I will help you.”

The “but” gets folks killed.  Another co-ed said, “They are little human beings.  I wouldn’t, but …”  The word “but” in this case is deadly, so Jane gently explained slavery “choice.”  A lightbulb went off!  “Well when you put it like that, I have just changed my mind.  I understand what you are saying.”

Big and tall, small and frail.  A big and tall young man was taken aback by the smallness and frailty of his fellow citizens.  “Wow! I had no that this is what abortion was.  They are so tiny!  And that is a hand!”

Need to see. “It’s gruesome,” she said.  “I didn’t know how developed it is so early. People do need to see.  Maybe they will make different decisions.”  It’s sentiments like that that will help to save the black community from pre-natal annihilation.

Conflicted to concluding.  Another young woman was not so sure as her schoolmate.  “It’s hard to look at, but I’m conflicted because it’s a woman’s body.”  However as she spoke to Jane, she began to understand that it was another’s body and it was murder.  “Abortion is a hard topic that people don’t want to talk about,” she said, “but we need to.”

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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