Gems at Columbus State

It was a quiet campus that yielded several gems.

A quiet campus, but a productive GAP.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

Columbus State University yielded several gems during GAP.  Here are just a few:

Horror brought to light.  A mother with two sons came to our display.  “Everything that is in my head is what I see in these pictures.  Thank you for doing this.”  She said she couldn’t conceive a third child and would love to adopt.

Potentially on chopping block.  She was a young woman born to a 16 year old mother 20 years prior — that could have ended very badly for both her and her mother if the abortion industry had anything to do with it.  She knew all the facts, including the one that said that human life begins at fertilization.  She was very pro-life and glad that we were there!

Shades of gray to black and white.  A male student was conflicted at first.  “It’s a reality. I wish it were not.  The human condition is more gray than white and black,” he asserted.  But after looking at the pictures for a while, he was more inclined to see abortion as a black and white issue.  Imagine thinking that slavery was a “gray” issue.  But of course, at the time, many people saw it that way.

Staggering numbers. A female student on the softball team told us: “I am pro-life but I had no idea about the numbers.  I am glad you are here.  If I can do something I want to.”  Gratitude and a call to action!

Decades of pain. A female faculty member told us, “I’m so glad you are here.  Folks don’t know what they are doing.  Fifty-year-old friends of mine still hurt.  It goes much deeper than people realize.”  And that is what we are trying to show them.

Spread the truth.  One young man asked, “Can I have a brochure? I want to show my bio-ethics professor.”  The pictures are like the ripples in a pond.  They spread by way of friends, co-workers, professors, and family.

Hypocritical country.  A male student told the ABC news affiliate during GAP, “It makes me sick to think that even though these images are out there — and I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who have seen them before — that it’s still allowed.  We stop genocides overseas, we stop genocides everywhere else, but we allow one right here.  It’s a little scary.”  Amen.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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