GAP at Liberty University – Day 5

Liberty students study the abortion photos and Scripture verses.

Liberty students study the abortion photos and Scripture verses.

We wrapped up our visit to Liberty University on Friday.  It was quite a week.  Not sure if it was the heat (90+ degree days) or the lack of sleep, but this ole boy is whipped.  Can’t wait to do it again, though.

By the end of the week, we had found a location near the Liberty University Bookstore that featured a publicly owned piece of land adjacent to a major walkway and at perhaps the most active entrance for cars and buses.

Based on the comments of the students, our presence was the talk of the campus.  Many students didn’t appreciate our displays of graphic photos.  Others were fully supportive.  Still others agreed with our use of graphic images, but didn’t understand why we came to Liberty.  “We’re already pro-life, aren’t we?”  Stimulating that kind of conversation, reflection, and debate is a major goal of our work.

We were pleased to sign up more than 20 students who were enthusiastic about becoming more involved in pro-life activism at Liberty.  Twenty people can make a huge difference.

I learned that on Day 4, the Lynchburg police (who were present during our entire visit) had come by to investigate a trespassing complaint.  Before we even started on Monday, we had given each team member a set of aerial photos which depicted the intersections we would work, along with property boundries that separated private property from public property.  These maps were downloaded from the City’s own Geographic Information System (GIS) website.  (See pages 16-19 of this letter to see the photos.)  Our volunteers produced the maps, which showed that we were clearly on public property, so the police thanked us and went on.

I should emphasize that we are grateful for the courtesy shown to us by both the University and the City of Lynchburg.  Perhaps they didn’t want us to be present, but they didn’t interfere, either.

If you’re dead tired and you’ve been at it for 4 solid days in the hot sun, you have to wonder if a 5th day is really worth the wear and tear on your body … and everybody else’s bodies.   But even though we had been there 4 days already, we still noted the impact of the photos on the students.  They still studied the abortion signs and reflected on the Scripture verses displayed.  It was on this 5th day that the Liberty student TV crew came out to get video and interview our people.  The Liberty student newspaper also showed up.  Praise God for giving us that 5th day!  We are interested to see what the reporting will look like.

As we were packing to leave, we encountered one student whose sign shocked us at first, but whose message was a huge encouragment in the end.  In big letters, his sign said, “Looking @ dead babies just makes me hungry …”  He was being clever.  In small letters, he continued his declaration, ” … for change!”  Indeed.

Hungry ... for change!

Hungry ... for change!

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