Foreign students know what dehumanization looks like


CBR volunteer Mark Wolf from Columbus, Ohio describes how advocates of genocide often use words to dehumanize their victims.

We encounter many foreign students who know what genocide is.  They know what dehumanization looks like.  That’s because many of them have experienced it … or their families have.

A group of three Armenian students at Oakland University (OU) had lost family members in the genocide in Turkey (1915). They understood it at a personal level, and believed those family members would agree our message of genocide.

She started her life in China. She was a second child, so she started her life as an unwanted child. Most such children in China are killed, but her mother had been brave to save her life. Eventually, she found her way to America, where she was adopted by an American family. As a former unwanted child, her response to GAP was to join the Students for Life and volunteer to help!

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