Extreme vs main stream – What’s the difference?

Jose Farias

Jose Farias

Do you know the difference between an extremist and a main stream candidate?  We’re indebted to Jose Farias for the answer.  He left this comment in response to an article in The Telegraph.

Today’s definition of an “extreme” candidate is:

  1. Being against high deficits;
  2. Being against a higher debt;
  3. Being for living within your means;
  4. Being for small government;
  5. Being for spending cuts;
  6. Being for lower taxes;
  7. Being for less regulations;
  8. Being for the traditional definition of marriage (between a man and a woman);
  9. Being against terrorism;
  10. Being for a strong military;
  11. Being for the implementation of the rule of law when it comes to illegal immigration;
  12. Being for individual freedom;
  13. Being for the Constitution as envisioned by the founding fathers;
  14. Being for free markets;
  15. Believing in the abilities of the American people;
  16. Holding on to the beliefs of our God, the Creator of Heavens and Earth;
  17. Believing on the right to bear arms;
  18. I could go on and on …

Today’s definition of “main stream” candidate is:

  1. Not holding on to any principles;
  2. Not saying what you mean, and not meaning what you say;
  3. Being for high deficits (they don’t say they are but actions speak louder than words);
  4. Being for a higher debt (ditto);
  5. Spending like drunk sailors;
  6. Being for more regulations;
  7. Being for homosexual marriage;
  8. Being for a weak military;
  9. Being against the fight against terrorists;
  10. Being for criminals when it comes to the execution of the law;
  11. Believing the individual can not take care of himself;
  12. Believing the government is to run everything, that is, believing in socialism;
  13. Being for the limitation of individual liberties in favor of government intrusion;
  14. Being against free markets;
  15. Being for Keynesian economics;
  16. Being in favor of gun control;
  17. Being against the right to exercise one’s religious beliefs;
  18. Being against God;
  19. Being against Christians;
  20. Being in favor of Muslims;
  21. I could go on and on …

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