Earn money for your pro-life group at March for Life

Choice Card

CBR Choice Cards fit in your billfold and are always ready to help you show anybody what abortion is and does.  It might be a friend, a relative, or even the guy sitting next to you on the plane!

We are printing 30,000 “Choice” cards to hand out at the March for Life in DC.  We need help passing them out.  We are willing to pay your group a stipend to get it done.

The purpose of the cards is twofold:

  1. Give pro-lifers a tool they can use to explain abortion to their friends, neighbors, acquaintances … even the people sitting next to them on the plane.  Photos make it clear what abortion is and does.  Words are not enough.
  2. Encourage pro-lifers to learn more about our life-saving work by visiting our website and/or watching the video linked to the QR code on the front of the card.

You won’t get rich handing out cards, but it is a worthy project and we are glad to provide a stipend to help your group with travel expenses.  We probably need about 10 people, beginning at about 10:00 am and continuing until all the cards are handed out.  If you are attending one of the student rallies that precede the March, that would be a great crowd to work, so we could meet you with the cards earlier in the day.

Can your group help us?  Please contact us here or call us at 865-609-9033.

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    Pro-life blog buzz 1-15-13 says:

    […] Fletcher Armstrong shares information about how pro-life groups can earn money for handing out cards (pictured right) at the upcoming March for Life. […]

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