Democrat senators now agree ObamaCare is bad

Clowns R Us


Interesting item from Byron York at the Washington Examiner.  It seems that even left-wing kooks like Al Franken, Richard Durbin and Charles Schumer understand that the 2.3% tax on medical devices, scheduled to take effect on January 1, is a “job-killing” tax.

If that’s true, then aren’t all the other tax increases being enacted by the Dems also “job-killing” taxes?

We’ve always known that ObamaCare is a fiscal scam that will cost much, much more than they admit.  We know it will cost jobs.  Furthermore, it’s part of a burgeoning debt problem that will possibly devastate our children’s financial futures (if not worse).

I’m not sure which is worse, stealing from poor people by destroying their jobs, or stealing from our children by loading them up with ruinous debt.

By the way, the level of detail presented above is really inside baseball.  We understand it, but it is completely lost on the low-information voter.  When we talk to the low-information voter, we need to keep it simple.  Like this:

One political party is trying to get and keep political power by convincing us that there is this large group of people who are entitled — entitled, mind you — to a long list of free stuff.  Every election cycle, that group has to get larger and the list of free stuff has to get longer.  It’s all going to be paid for by this ever-smaller, ever more despised — despised, mind you —  group of producers.  How long do you think that will work?

Repeat that explanation every chance you get.

This is a critical point, because the Dems appeal to our natural compassion by pointing out needs … and our neighbors have many, many heart-breaking needs that cry out for intervention.  Some of their problems are self-inflicted; some are beyond their control.  But bloated Government is not about meeting needs; it’s about getting and keeping political power.  The more of your money they get, the more powerful they are.  They get your money by growing the dependency class.  In the long run, it simply won’t work.

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