Debate rages at the U of Alabama, Part 1

Bama Students for Life

Bama Students for Life: uninformed, stupid, horridly offensive, creates high-profile disasters, requires monitoring and “strong guidance.”

Crimson White columnist John Speer took a swipe at the Bama Students for Life (BSFL) in a recent column.  Mr. Speer, obviously disturbed by our Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), wrote:

Uninformed groups such as the Bama Students for Life, who create high-profile disasters for an entire campus, should be monitored.  They require advisors who can teach them judicious principles and a voice of reason that can craft savvy, and not horridly offensive, goals.  Good intentions cannot cure stupidity; the only remedy for such a problem is strong guidance.

BSFL President Claire Chretien responded with a column of her own.  She wrote, in part:

I agree with Mr. Speer that photos of abortion are “horridly offensive.”  This is why we show them.  If abortion is so repulsive to look at, then perhaps this violence isn’t something we should tolerate as a civilized society.  Our mentors helped us plan and execute the Genocide Awareness Project, which sparked weeks of campus debate and inspired close to 1,000 pro-life students to join our mailing list.

Did you see that?  GAP inspired nearly 1,000 students to join BSFL’s mailing list!

Anyway, back to Mr. Speer’s original column.  I commented online:

Mr. Speer, ad hominem attacks are no substitutes for reasoned arguments.  If you could offer one good argument why it should be OK to decapitate and dismember little human beings, we would be grateful to hear it.  The fact is, you can’t.  Otherwise, you would make your case and let it stand on it’s own.  Instead, you resort to ad hominem attacks and name-calling.

But even that is not enough for you.  The evil you endorse is so disturbing, you can’t bear to look at it.  You are offended when your evil is exposed, so you want the University (i.e., the government) to “monitor” the BSFL and “teach” them to have goals that are not offensive (i.e., not offensive to you).  That is a thinly-veiled call for government censorship … which is an odd thing for a newspaper to endorse, don’t you think?

Take heart, Mr. Speer, that you are disturbed by photos of violent death.  Even though you endorse decapitating and dismembering little human beings now, your reaction shows that you still have a functioning conscience.  That encourages us to never quit.

But that wasn’t all.  More in Part 2 …

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