Connecting the Dots at Georgia Southern University

GAP produces gems at every school it comes to.

GAP produces victories at every school.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

Here are a few gems from Georgia Southern University.

People need to see.  A female student was glad we were there, “I know the facts and while this is hard to see, I am glad you are here.  People need to know what the word means.”  Exactly.  People need to connect the dots.

Revulsion. A male student exclaimed, “Disgusting. How can people do that?”  The pictures are making more and more people ask that same question.

She looked like the picture.  An administrator came by and told us that while she was pro-life and abortion was never an option, she had never seen or realized that abortion was so atrocious.  “Startling,” she said.  “I have a 21 year old who was born at 24 weeks, and she looked like the picture you have on your poster.”  GAP connects the dots for pro-aborts, fence-sitters and pro-lifers alike.

Power of the pictures. In the Statesboro Herald, the journalist Scott Bryant wrapped it all up nicely when he said, “Photographs have the power to make us smile, laugh and remember the times of our lives.  They also have the power to challenge our assertions and confront our worst fears. And sometimes they have the power to offend our sensibilities and tastes.”  And when people start questioning why something offends their sensibilities and tastes, they start to connect dots and see that maybe things aren’t quite right.

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