CNN poll: Most Americans still extremists on abortion (i.e., pro-life)

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Pictures of abortion help voters see that being pro-life is not extremism; killing babies is extremism.

A new CNN poll finds that 52% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstaces, whereas 44% want abortion legal in all or most circumstances.

We are all incredulous that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and other media organs of the pro-abortion Democrat party can still get by with marginalizing pro-lifers (52% of the American public) as being the “extremists” on abortion.  That they can do it with a straight face is beyond belief.

Link to the CNN report here.  Pay attention to Questions 10 and 11 on page 13.

Trend line is not good.  Note that the nominal pro-life position (abortion illegal in all circumstances or legal in only a few circumstances) has declined from 64% in 2006 to the 52% in the current poll.

One caveat: The pro-life questions were included in a larger poll relating to the coming elections.  This could bias the results, but I’m not sure which way.

Some pro-life outlets have presented a bit more rosy picture of this poll, reporting on another question that combined “legal under most circumstances” and “legal in a few circumstances” into a non-descript “legal under certain circumstances” category that boths sides try to claim as their own.

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