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Got a note from Lynn Dyer, a sidewalk and crisis pregnancy counselor who explains how she uses CBR’s Choice Blues video to save children and moms from abortion in Arizona.  She wrote:

I’ve been involved in pro-life activities for the past 30 years. I”m always interested in finding new ways to touch a woman’s heart so that she will not abort her baby.

When counseling a woman and/or young girl and she agrees to go to our clinic (Life Choices Woman’s Clinic) with me, she will be given an ultrasound so that she can see her baby. After that, she is shown the DVD Choice Blues. In many instances, seeing this DVD has solidified her decision not to abort.

To give an example: I brought a young girl into our clinic recently whom I had counseled on the sidewalk at the abortion clinic. She had had a previous abortion and was to get a second one on this particular day. She reluctantly agreed to come to our clinic with me, but was still abortion minded. She saw her baby on the ultrasound and afterward made the comment to me, “Well, the aborted babies go back to heaven, right?”  [Note from FAB:  We hear the same thing from “pro-life” Christian pastors who try to justify doing nothing to stop abortion, even within their own churches.]

I know then that she had not had a change of heart yet. Then I sat with her while we watched Choice Blues. This is when I saw the real transformation in this young girl. She explained to me that with her first abortion, she had been heavily sedated and they (Planned Parenthood) had not told her or showed her what would actually take place during her abortion.

She was shocked at what she saw on this video and asked numerous questions about possible physical injuries and complications that might occur as a result of this obviously dangerous and brutal procedure. I truly feel that this girl did not go through with her plans to abort her baby because of what she saw on this DVD.

[In Arizona, there is a 24-hour waiting period, which means that 2 visits to the abortion clinic are required. The sidewalk] is a perfect opportunity for me to give her the Choice Blues DVD to take home with her to watch before she comes back on the second visit to abort. So far, I have never seen a woman whom I have given the DVD to return for her abortion. Choice Blues is an invaluable tool for me in my counseling … a real lifesaver.

Thank you CBR for making this valuable DVD available.

Order your own copies of Choice Blues to hand out. There is a special version of Choice Blues for use in crisis pregnancy counseling that is not suitable for general audiences. For the crisis pregnancy version, click here.  We have letters from CPC counselors who have documented literally hundreds of babies saved by CBR videos.  Those are just the ones who bothered to write.

For the standard version of Choice Blues, suitable for use with general audiences (normally teenagers and older), click here.

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