Charles Johnson, Herman Cain’s teacher, American hero

Great article on Herman Cain, GOP presidential candidate who’s been in the news lately.  He was born in Memphis and grew up in Georgia.  In college, he studied math and computer science.  He became the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, and after that, a syndiated columnist and radio talk-show host.

From an article about Mr. Cain (here):

Cain credits his success to a high-school math teacher, Charles Johnson, who told him, “You can be whatever you want to be; you just might have to work a little harder and work a little longer.”

Charles Johnson is a real American hero.

Compare the education Herman Cain got from Mr. Johnson to the education inflicted on so many of our young people by the American left:  blame others for your failures, look to government for solutions, demand that others pay for your every need.  If you want to see the damage that this kind of thinking does to people, look no further than the OWS debacle.

I can’t find the exact quotation, but I read recently that people who blame others for their failures actually give away their only chance for success.  Anybody see that?

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