Censorship of the internet in Australia

TV story on Austrailian censorship

TV story on Austrailian censorship

Here is a story on internet censorship in Australia.  As it turns out, Austrailians are pursuing a policy that blocks not only porn websites, but also websites with “objectionable” political material.  Among those are CBR’s website and another website that features CBR’s abortion photos.

WARNING: this TV news story includes graphic depictions of porn websites that you wouldn’t see on American TV.  You can miss the porn images and see the part of the story that deals with CBR’s website and abortion images by going to the 31:45-to-34:30 segment of the story.  For the story, click here.

Some observations:

  1. Abortion advocates know they can’t defend abortion in any population which has seen abortion.  So, they will simply ensure that the public doesn’t see it.
  2. We should always be suspicious of government power.  Christians and pro-lifers offer unpopular messages, and there are many among us who would use the power of government to block those messages.  (Alinsky-ites like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi would stop at nothing to advance their agenda; if you doubt it, read Chapter 2 of their handbook, Rules for Radicals.)
  3. Exercising raw bureaucratic power in Australia, they censored pro-life websites without even letting the pro-lifers know, much less giving them a chance to appeal.  (The Dems want to turn your health care, the internet, talk radio, etc. over to bureaucrats just like this.)
  4. Note the anger directed at the pro-life campaigner: rocks being thrown, posters being torn down, etc.  People will always get more angry at us for showing the pictures of dead children than angry at the abortion doctors for killing the children.  That’s why we always videotape our pro-life activities and encourage you to do the same.
  5. Mr. Grace’s campaign posters urged defense of unborn children but used photos of born children.  The whole problem is that the public doesn’t believe that killing an unborn child is the moral equivalent of killing a born child.  His campaign posters stated conclusions about abortion but the photos used on those posters did not prove the facts which support and even compel those conclusions.  We of course appreciate his use of abortion images on his website.

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