CBR at the NAACP Convention | Update on witness against Black genocide



You may know about the NAACP Convention going on in Kansas City this week.  What you won’t see on the news are CBR’s abortion photos on display outside the Convention Center.  The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and Pastor Clenard Childress of BlackGenocide.org are in Kansas City asking “Why No Outrage?” about the destruction of Black children by abortion.

“NAACP Security” issued bogus demands that Pastor Childress move the signs away from the sidewalk adjacent to the Convention Center, but he promptly ignored them.  He told them that “only the Kansas City police have any authority to ask us to move.”

Pastor Childress told us that

This was our most effective NAACP picket to date.  We were ideally positioned for maximum exposure to delegates at the main entrances to the Convention Center.  When thousands of delegates rushed out, along with young visitors just brought in to hear First Lady Michelle Obama, they flooded all around our people and our graphic signs.  As I looked over our team, for the first time in all the years we have been doing this, everyone was simultaneously engaged in dialogue with Convention attendees.

Great job!  One of the Convention attendees encouraged us:

We know who you all are.  We’ve seen you here before.  …  Why are you still outside with your message?  Why haven’t they invited you in?

Fat chance of that.  Another Conventioneer:

If a bunch of white people brought these signs to our Convention, I would not have come up and spoken to them.  Thank you for coming.

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  1. July 15th, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Anonymous says:

    I hope they are also telling the attendees to watch Maafa21. that film will open the eyes of most people, please folks- watch Maafa21 see the targeted genocide happening in America http://www.maafa21.com

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