CBR Appoints Maggie Egger as Project Director for Virginia

Maggie Eggers

Maggie Egger

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Region Operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Maggie Egger as our newest Project Director in Virginia.

Maggie currently resides in Front Royal, but once her support team is in place, she plans to relocate to Richmond.  She will be working in close collaboration with Nicole Cooley of Churchville, CBR’s other Project Director in Virginia.

Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond (UR) in 2012, majoring in political science and minoring in dance.

[Political science and dance?  We suppose it’s multidisciplinary program for politicians … they learn how to dance around the truth!  But we don’t want to get into that.  Anyway … ]

Maggie has been active in the pro-life movement since childhood, when her mother took her to pray outside abortion facilities.  Her father was a rescuer in the 1980s and 90s.  At UR, she founded and led the UR Spiders for Life.  In the summers, she directed Face the Truth tours for Defend Life.  In her final semester at UR, she hosted a CBR Choice Chain on campus.

Maggie spent the summer of 2012 as an intern at Expectant Mother Care, a chain of crisis pregnancy centers in New York City.  By counseling women and girls in crisis, many of whom had aborted children in the past, Maggie saw their pain and suffering.  She saw how ignorance left them vulnerable to the lies of Satan; most of them were completely unaware what abortion is and does.  But once they came face to face with the truth of abortion, many choose life for their children, even amid difficult circumstances.

After seeing what the truth can do, Maggie is very excited to be joining the team at CBR Southeast. She told FAB:

If everyone knew that the result of abortion is the bloody, dismembered little babies on the pictures that we show, they would be talking about it and telling others about it, and hopefully doing something to end it.  But, if one is never told the truth (or, in this case, never shown the truth), how will they know any different?  They will continue to believe abortion is just another safe, medical procedure, until we show them differently.  As William Wilberforce said during his struggle against the slave trade, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”

Welcome aboard, Maggie!  We’re expecting great things from you and Nicole!

If you’d like to support Maggie (or any of our staff members), it’s quick, easy, and secure to support CBR online.  Whatever you can do will make a huge difference.  To support Maggie’s work in Virginia, designate your gift for “Virginia Projects (SE-MTE).”

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