CBR Announces Key States Initiative (KSI) for 2014

KSI Trucks

KSI Trucks. (Click to enlarge.)

CBR is at it again!  We have launched our 2014 Key States Initiative (KSI), perhaps the most dramatic and effective pro-life voter education project every conceived!

CBR will drive large box trucks bearing graphic, oversize images of first-trimester aborted embryos and fetuses in major cities, as a way of educating voters about preborn children and what abortion does to them.  CBR is operating the trucks in several states with tight U.S. Senate races to reach out to voters in advance of the November 4 elections.

These images are indispensable because they communicate to voters at a glance the crucial fact that abortion is a brutal act of violence that kills a baby.

The media describes pro-life candidates as “ultraconservative” and “extreme,” but they describe pro-abortion candidates as “moderate” on abortion. We will show voters the truth, so they will know that killing babies is extreme.  Saving them is not extreme; it is compassionate.


If you would like to participate in this historic effort, please let us know.  No special license is required.  You must be 21 years old and have a good driving record.

Drivers must be available to travel to a nearby state, teeming with voters who need to know what abortion is and does.  Immediate need for drivers willing to go to Arkansas and Louisiana.  Alaska, North Carolina, and other states may also be targeted in the coming weeks.

Interested?  Contact Lisa Olivier at 949-677-8697, or send us a message here.

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