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Teaching the teachers about abortion

CBR volunteers show what "family planning" looks like to NEA delegates.

CBR volunteers show what “family planning” looks like to NEA delegates.

On Monday morning, July 1st, delegates of the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual assembly were in for an eyeful as they made their way to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

CBR volunteers from all over Georgia stood at the intersection of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Marietta Street with CBR’s handheld “Choice” signs, which depict images of early-term aborted fetuses. Our group’s positions were adjusted throughout the morning to adapt to changing traffic patterns.

CBR was working alongside other pro life organizations, including Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) and Pro Life Educators of America (PLEA), to bring a message to the NEA: adopt a neutral position on abortion.

“We are not asking the NEA delegates to do a one-eighty and change our union’s abortion position and activism to being pro-life,” said Bob Pawson, Director of PLEA and  NEA member, “We are asking that our union be verifiably neutral and totally non-involved regarding abortion. And stop hiding their advocacy behind euphemistic language such as ‘reproductive freedom’ or ‘all methods of family planning,’” Pawson said.

CBR works to effectively dismantle such euphemisms. While other pro life advocates used text signs to exhort the NEA to neutralize it’s pro-abortion position, the graphic pictures we used showed exactly what certain methods of “reproductive freedom” and “family planning” do to unborn children (and future students).

The Truth Truck made several rounds in front of the CNN News Center in Atlanta

The Truth Truck made several rounds in front of the CNN News Center in Atlanta.

NEA members were also shown the true meaning of these genteel phrases by billboard-sized abortion images on CBR’s “Truth Truck.” Our truck made rounds in the Georgia World Congress Center vicinity throughout the mornings and afternoons of July 1 and July 2, insuring that as many NEA delegates as possible would be exposed to the brutality that their union’s official resolution currently supports.

“Normally, in America’s news media, when citizens hear or read press reports about teacher unions and picketing, it is the union DOING the picketing; usually demanding more money. This event is one of those unusual instances in which the NEA Teacher Union is the TARGET OF PICKETING; ironically, by NEA members, taxpayer-parents, and students. The very constituencies which the NEA leadership touts itself as supposedly serving,” said Pawson.

While we received some of the usual irate responses, several passersby paused to observe and ask questions about the images. One driver, a young African-American woman, rolled down her window to address one of our volunteers when stopped at the traffic light:

“Excuse me, is that a real picture?”

“Yes, it is”

“Awe.” She was audibly saddened by what she saw.

Much conversation was overheard among pedestrians regarding abortion and the NEA’s stance on abortion. While some doubted that the NEA took a pro abortion stance, others indicated that they were previously unaware of the fact before encountering the message being shown to them. Pro life NEA members in particular expressed appreciation of CBR’s message and our assistance in reforming the teacher’s union.

For more on the NEA’s position, please see http://www.grtl.org/?q=NEA-pro-abortion-tendencies

Submitted by: Lincoln Brandenburg

Abortion pictures change minds in unexpected places (video)

Alyssa Massaro

Alyssa Massaro traces her pro-life activism back to the day she saw a CBR truth truck as a 12-year-old child in Connecticut.

We were thrilled to meet Alyssa Massaro, one of the pro-life student leaders at Georgia Tech, because CBR played a key role in her journey over to our side.

In 2004, Alyssa was 12 years old and living with her family in Cheshire, Connecticut.  That summer, two of our truth trucks drove past Cheshire on the way to Maine.  It was part of our Key States Initiative (KSI) that focused on nearly 20 battleground states for controlling the White House and the Senate.

I saw the image and I knew it for what it was.  I burst out crying, because I knew that was a child and it had been murdered.
That is one of the experiences that fired me up the most.  I don’t know if I would have seen [the truth] any other way.

In 2004, we were just on the road to Maine.  To our knowledge, Connecticut was not a key state.  We were wrong, because God had picked out a 12-year-old girl in Cheshire to see the truth.  In her own words …

Key States Initiative (KSI) deploys to Ohio … Help make history!

side hands on dime

Pictures of abortion help voters see that being pro-life is not extremism; killing babies is extremism.

CBR has deployed three Key States Initiative (KSI) truck teams to Ohio, to make sure abortion is part of the political debate in that key state.  Lord willing, they will operate in northern Ohio until Election Day.  More about KSI hereMedia coverage here.

Here is an encouraging word from Tom Herring, one of our volunteer drivers:

Driving a CBR truck was one of the most fulfilling pro-life activities I’ve ever done.  …  The likelihood of those teens [who saw the trucks] choosing abortion, or choosing abortion advocates to represent them in government, has been radically diminished.

We desperately need drivers in Ohio.  We’ll get you there, we’ll house you, and we’ll feed you.  No special license required.  We’ll train you to drive!  You must be at least 21 years old and have a good driving record.  Please join our tream.  Contact Leslie Sneddon Call 207-607-3488 or e-mail her at lsneddon@cbrinfo.org.

If you can’t go to Ohio yourself, would you send us a tank of truck fuel ($350)?  Because of our matching donor, your gift will double as soon as you confirm the online gift!  That’s two tanks of fuel for the price of one!  Who else will give you that deal today?  Please give now.  Then e-mail us at Fletcher@ProLifeOnCampus.com to confirm the match.  Thanks so much!

Did Presidential candidates seek out CBR trucks?

Presidential Motorcade

Barack Obama’s motorcade passes one of the CBR truth trucks in Madison, Wisconsin.

CBR staged a real coup last week by “truthing” both Presidential candidates, Pres. Obama in Wisconsin and Gov. Romney in Virginia!

In Madison, Wisconsin, Pres. Barack Obama’s motorcade passed within 30 feet of one of our abortion billboard trucks in Madison, Wisconsin (photo at right).  The driver was our super volunteer Jim Davis.  Both before and after Pres. Obama’s rally, thousands of Obama supporters were forced to walk past our enormous GAP display. We immediately seized the opportunity and flanked the corridor with handheld “Choice” signs, which we held aloft on both sides of the walkway leading past the GAP display.  Story here.  They were furious at us for raining on their parade.

At almost the same hour on the same day, another abortion billboard truck, driven by CBR super volunteer Bubba Gene Garrett, was parked along the access route to a campaign rally for Gov. Mitt Romney and Cong. Paul Ryan in Fishersville, VA (photo below).  Thousands of Romney/Ryan supporters passed this truck.  In fact, so did the Romney/Ryan motorcade.  Cong. Ryan had his window open, waving and gaping at the abortion photos on the truck.

Thank you for supporting our work.  Your gifts make it possible to reach our culture with live-saving truth.  Please pray for our nation.  And please keep on giving, because the more you give, the more people we can reach.  People who need to know.

Romney Ryan Rally Route - 475

Thousands of Romney/Ryan supporters, including the candidates themselves, passed by this truck.

Abortion trucks go to the beach (video)

Abortion Mobile 2

“Abortion Mobile” as seen on WAVY-TV website.

CBR truth trucks hit Virginia Beach this week.  (That’s in Virginia, for all you people in Rio Linda.)

Here’s more media coverage:

Another baby saved by Truth Truck


After seeing the images on the truck, she said, "I knew I had to choose life for my child."

We hear from lots of supporters (including my own mom) who tell us, “I love your work on campus, but I’m not so sure about your truck!”

Well, Mom, this baby’s for you!


Truth truck redefined | pro-life pictures on display

Truth truck redefined | pro-life pictures on display

Truth truck redefined | pro-life pictures on display

Here’s an idea from our Florida Operations.  It only takes a few minutes to convert an old VW van to a life saving education project, suitable for any outdoor pro-life event.  Or even a drive down the road!  Mike Schrimsher tells us how to do it:

We used 3 “S” hooks (like are used at each end of a bungie cord) to hang the signs from the rain gutter on each side of the van and removed the center aluminum post from each sign because it created an awkward pivot point. Other than the 6 hooks at the top, there were only 4 points of contact with the van, the 2 side posts on each sign and we used foam pipe insulation as a cushion to prevent scratches from rubbing at those spots. We could have also used rubber-coated hooks to cushion the contact points in the rain gutters. Maybe next time. We completed the process with one long bungie cord stretched under the van and attached to the center of both bottom sign rails and 4 short bungie cords were used to attach each bottom sign corner to the underside of the van. The sign did not begin to budge at all, even at 45-50 mph.
The best part was it only took about 5 minutes to assemble and take down the whole contraption and everything fits inside the vehicle. It’s like the VW van and 4×8 GAP signs were made for each other.

Pro-life oppostion to government-funded abortion in ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare.

We’re doing whatever we can to stop government-funded abortion.  Media coverage:

We can’t do this by ourselves.  Your gift of $300 will buy a tank of truck fuel, enough to drive two full days.  Click here to help.

Praying and fasting wouldn’t hurt either.  The bill before the House would set back the pro-life movement for decades.

Goverment health care would deliver a lower quality of health care to your family at a much higher cost to you.  What a concept.  Make no mistake — the purpose of this bill is to destroy the system we have, so that people will later cry out for the Government to come back in and “fix” it.  Read Alinsky’s book and other writings of his disciples (Barak Obama being one of them).  Look at how TennCare pushed a lot of people out of private insurance onto the public dole.  Now the government can’t sustain it, leaving people worse off than they were.

Breaking News: Another Blue Dog targeted by CBR campaign announces opposition to abortion funding in ObamaCare

Example Blue Dog Truck Sign

Example Blue Dog Truck Sign

Fox News has reported that another US Congressman targeted by CBR’s Blue Dog Campaign has announced that he will not vote for the current version of ObamaCare.  Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) announced that he “would not vote for it” because it funds abortion.  This report came just hours after CBR announced the next phase of it’s campaign urging voters in selected districts to call their representatives and oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.  Rep. Donnelly was one of those targeted.

This is the fourth such announcement by Blue Dogs in the House which have been targeted by CBR’s ongoing campaign.

The campaign features a fleet of billboard trucks bearing large abortion photos to remind voters that abortion is not health care and consequently should not be taxpayer-funded, either directly or indirectly.  The “truth trucks” will continue to operate until the final vote on ObamaCare is taken.  Click here to see the press release.

CBR can do this only through the generous support of people like you.  Click here to help.  Your gift of $100 would buy fuel for a single day of driving.  $600 would buy fuel for a week!

With Rep. Donnelly’s announcement, this next phase of CBR’s campaign will now focus on these representatives:

  • Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)
  • Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN)
  • Rep. John Boccieri (D-OH)
  • Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN)
  • Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA)
  • Rep. Chris Carney (D-PA)
  • Rep. Tom Periello (D-VA)

President Obama wants to pass this thing next week. Please help today, because every day counts.

Stop pro-abortion ObamaCare

First, support CBR’s effort to pressure Blue Dogs to reject ObamaCare with abortion funding. To support, click here. Please do it today; CBR’s trucks are standing by, but I can’t drive them without fuel. One tank of fuel costs $300. Designate for Reproductive Choice Campaign or just e-mail me at Fletcher@ProLifeOnCampus.com.

Second, make 30 phone calls. Please call these 30 Blue Dogs whose votes are up for grabs. Don’t just call your Congressman; call all of them. Source: DickMorris.com. Tell them that the current Senate version and the President’s version both fund abortion, and you oppose funding abortion.


CBR Hounds Blue Dogs On ObamaCare

The Dem leadership is ratcheting up it’s effort to force ObamaCare into law and pay for every abortion with your money.  Our Blue Dog project has forced several Blue Dog Dems to publicly pledge to oppose any health care bill that fails to prohibit public funding for abortion.


Although successful at getting public declarations from some of the Blue Dogs, there are others whose votes are still up for grabs.  We must force the issue.

Stopping ObamaCare will take all of us.  Please click here to help.  I absolutely need your help.  Your gift of $300 would purchase a tank of fuel to drive this truck.  Your gift of $1,000 would buy fuel for a whole week of driving.

The Latest on CBR’s Blue Dog Tour

PerrielloOur effort to stop abortion funding in ObamaCare seems to be working! We have been driving our hard-to-miss trucks in the districts of Congressmen whose votes are critical to final passage of ObamaCare. These trucks are fitted with signs (example shown) that invite constituents to call their Congressman and urge him/her to vote against any health care bill that includes funding for abortion. So far, we have gotten commitments from four “Blue Dogs” to vote against any bill that includes abortion funding. They include Rep. Gene Taylor (MS), Rep. Dan Boren (OK), Rep. Steve Driehaus (OH), and Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (PA). All of them have agreed that they will oppose any legislation that departs from the abortion-funding restrictions contained in the Stupak Amendment to the House version of ObamaCare. Here’s one story. Here is our latest press release. If stopping abortion funding is important, please help us drive this point home!

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