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Baby in the womb like “meat in a Crock-Pot” (video)

Jennifer Morellia

Jennifer Morbelli. The Maryland Board of Physicians is currently conducting an investigation into the abortion-related death of Jennifer Morbelli at the hands of Dr. LeRoy Carhart.

Live Action has just released the next installment of their Inhuman series.  This one focuses on late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  Press release hereMore links hereEntire series here.

The video below captures Carhart explaining to a patient on how he will kill her “baby” (his term).

Patient:  I feel it moving now.

Carhart: After 20 weeks, it should be. … Within an hour of the injection [into the baby's heart], you shouldn’t feel it moving anymore.

Patient: What do you use to break [the baby] up [into pieces]?

Carhart: A pickaxe, a drill bit … (laughter).


“I wait for the baby to expire …” (video)


Inhuman, adj, 1. Lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and barbaric.  By working to allow post-birth abortion (infanticide), Barack Obama shows he is just as inhuman as Cesare Santangelo.

Abortion doctor Cesare Santangelo claims that his standard procedure is to kill the baby by severing the umbilical cord first and then waiting on the baby to die.

Hopefully we’ll get the pregnancy out intact … I cut the umbilical cord first, wait for the baby to expire, and then we do it that way.

Despite Federal law which that requires doctors to provide life-saving medical care to any born baby that survives a failed abortion attempt, Santangelo admits on tape that he will do nothing and that the baby “will expire shortly after birth.”  If born alive:

We would not help it [survive].

Santangelo works at the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, DC.  See it for yourself:

“If baby comes out [alive], then flush it!” (video)


Late-term (22-week) aborted fetus. (Source: AbortionNo.org)

Caught on tape:

If [the baby] comes out [alive], flush it!

If the baby is on the floor,

Call us … we’ll tell you to put it in a bag or something.

This video was posted by Live Action.  It was recorded during their undercover investigation of a late-term abortion center in New York.

Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry (Arizona)

Wanted Baby


They used to hide the fact that they are killing a baby.  More and more, they don’t bother.  Here is a video from Live Action.

NOTE: This video was recorded December 10th, 2012 not April 20th, 2012 as indicated in the video timestamp. The video recorder at time of recording carried the wrong internal date setting.

O09 - Insanity of Choice - 475


Abortion: Before and After (video)

Video of prenatal development and abortion.  Says it all.

Shows images at 7, 8, 10, 11, and 24 weeks.

CBR Appoints Maggie Egger as Project Director for Virginia

Maggie Eggers

Maggie Egger

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Region Operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Maggie Egger as our newest Project Director in Virginia.

Maggie currently resides in Front Royal, but once her support team is in place, she plans to relocate to Richmond.  She will be working in close collaboration with Nicole Cooley of Churchville, CBR’s other Project Director in Virginia.

Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond (UR) in 2012, majoring in political science and minoring in dance.

[Political science and dance?  We suppose it’s multidisciplinary program for politicians ... they learn how to dance around the truth!  But we don’t want to get into that.  Anyway ... ]

Maggie has been active in the pro-life movement since childhood, when her mother took her to pray outside abortion facilities.  Her father was a rescuer in the 1980s and 90s.  At UR, she founded and led the UR Spiders for Life.  In the summers, she directed Face the Truth tours for Defend Life.  In her final semester at UR, she hosted a CBR Choice Chain on campus.

Maggie spent the summer of 2012 as an intern at Expectant Mother Care, a chain of crisis pregnancy centers in New York City.  By counseling women and girls in crisis, many of whom had aborted children in the past, Maggie saw their pain and suffering.  She saw how ignorance left them vulnerable to the lies of Satan; most of them were completely unaware what abortion is and does.  But once they came face to face with the truth of abortion, many choose life for their children, even amid difficult circumstances.

After seeing what the truth can do, Maggie is very excited to be joining the team at CBR Southeast. She told FAB:

If everyone knew that the result of abortion is the bloody, dismembered little babies on the pictures that we show, they would be talking about it and telling others about it, and hopefully doing something to end it.  But, if one is never told the truth (or, in this case, never shown the truth), how will they know any different?  They will continue to believe abortion is just another safe, medical procedure, until we show them differently.  As William Wilberforce said during his struggle against the slave trade, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”

Welcome aboard, Maggie!  We’re expecting great things from you and Nicole!

If you’d like to support Maggie (or any of our staff members), it’s quick, easy, and secure to support CBR online.  Whatever you can do will make a huge difference.  To support Maggie’s work in Virginia, designate your gift for “Virginia Projects (SE-MTE).”

CBR Appoints Renee Kling as Project Director for Kentucky

Renee Kling

Renee Kling will lead pro-life activism in Kentucky!

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Region Operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Renee Kling of of Cold Spring, Kentucky, as our newest Project Director, primarily responsible for projects in Kentucky.

Renee is a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), where she was a founding member and later president of the EKU Students for Life.  During her junior year, the Students for Life hosted CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project (GAP).  She saw how effective it is to simply show people the truth about abortion.

Some of her priorities for the Commonwealth will include

  • GAP displays at Kentucky’s largest unviersities,
  • Choice Chains all over the state,
  • leadership training/mentoring for the next generation of pro-life leaders.

Renee has always been active in Christian and pro-life ministry.  At EKU, she was a leader in the Newman Center campus ministry, and from there joined the effort to rejuvenate pro-life activism on campus.  In addition to hosting GAP, EKU Students for Life hosted CBR’s Pro-Life Training Academy, created a Cemetery of the Innocents (cross display), hosted a debate between CBR Southeast Director Fletcher Armstrong and a pro-abortion faculty member on campus, and conducted many other projects.

Even as a high-school student, Renee was active in pro-life work, participating in such projects as the March for Life and the Cemetery of the Innocents.

She is excited to start her ministry with CBR, but not as thrilled as we are to have her join our staff.  Welcome aboard, Renee!  We’re expecting GREAT!

If you’d like to support Renee (or any of our new staff members), it’s quick, easy, and secure to support CBR online.  Whatever you can do will make a huge difference.  To support Renee’s work in Kentucky, designate your gift for “Kentucky Projects (SE-RMK).”

New Facebook Page – Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Carolinas

Preborn child


Check out our new Facebook page for CBR Carolinas!  It’s only been up less than 2 days, and already there are 460 likes!

Kudos to Brooke McGowan, our Project Director for the Carolinas!

CBR Appoints Brooke McGowan as Project Director for the Carolinas

Brooke McGowan

Brooke McGowan will be leading pro-life projects across the Southeast, particularly in the Carolinas.  In part because her mother chose life despite dire personal circumstances, Brooke has long been devoted to pro-life activism as a protester, sidewalk counselor, and prayer warrior. 

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Region Operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Brooke McGowan of Charlotte, North Carolina, as our newest Project Director, primarily responsible for projects in North and South Carolina!

Brooke is a recent graduate of New Life Theological Seminary in Charlotte, where she majored in urban ministry, with a concentration in Christian counseling.

As a child of a teenage mother who chose life for Brooke, despite a failed first marriage, she understands how easily she could have been another abortion statistic.  Raised by her mother and stepfather to always protect those who cannot protect themselves, she sensed a calling to devote herself to pro-life work in response to God’s command, “See that you do not despise one of these little ones.  For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven … In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.” (Matthew 18:10,14)

Brooke has been an active protester, sidewalk counselor, and prayer warrior in Charlotte.  She even ministered to visiting attendees of the Democratic National Convention in September. She is already seeing fruit in the responses of those to whom she has ministered in the past several months alone.

Originally from Choctaw, Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City), Brooke has lived in Charlotte for 8 years.  Before joining CBR, she was a clinic director for an infectious disease medical practice and an assistant real estate acquisitions manager.  She is the mother to two girls, Shelby and Savannah.  Brooke’s husband Sean is an accomplished author, schoolteacher, and chaplain.

Welcome aboard, Brooke!  We’re expecting GREAT!

Post-Election Message From CBR Director Gregg Cunningham

Gregg Cunningham

Gregg Cunningham

A message from Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR):

CBR is an educational organization whose principal purpose is to discourage and ultimately ban elective abortion.  We pursue that goal by exposing the horror abortion represents.  Our duty is prophetic, so the public’s acceptance or rejection of our message neither heightens nor diminishes our duty to discharge that responsibility.

Speaking as an individual, by the narrowest of margins, roughly half the 2012 electorate has chosen evil over good and America’s planned decline will now accelerate.  If the leadership in the current House of Representatives caves on the “fiscal cliff” confrontation, our economy will be further weakened by extreme tax-and-spend socialism — see California and Europe to understand just how weakened.  Still more Americans will be disabled by reliance on unsustainable social welfare programs — see California and Europe to understand how just unsustainable.

Because of this defeat, our military will be dangerously compromised by the funding cuts necessitated by exploding national debt.  America’s influence in the world will continue to be dismantled as the intended purpose of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.  ObamaCare’s abortion mandates are now a central feature of American socialized medicine.  Supposedly “pro-life Democrat” Rep. Bart Stupak betrayed us to pass Obamacare.  Supposedly “constitutional conservative” Chief Justice John Roberts betrayed us to declare ObamaCare constitutional.  Supposedly “pro-life” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie betrayed us to essentially endorse Barack Obama and contribute to his reelection.  He reportedly turned on Mitt Romney because Romney dumped him as his vice presidential pick.  ObamaCare will now be impossible to repeal.

Unless our majority remains resolute in the U.S. House of Representatives, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens will turn swing states so blue that pro-life candidates will become as unelectable there as they now are in California.  But doomed prolife candidates may not matter much because our federal courts will become so heavily packed with Barack Obama’s pro-abortion judges (confirmed by his Democrat Senate) that any significant attempt to restrict abortion will be struck down, and the reversal of Roe v. Wade is unlikely to occur during the lifetimes of even our movement’s youngest activists.

Despite the disaster which now awaits our country, CBR’s responsibility to expose the horror of abortion remains unchanged.  We have great people and great projects and our Key States Initiative (KSI) left America a far more pro-life nation today than it was six months ago.  Literally as I write this note, a CBR web survey arrived from a sixteen-year-old Pennsylvania girl who wrote to explain how our work has changed her life:  “I did support legal abortion but after seeing that video of the baby getting taken out I am against it. It is terrible!  How could someone kill something so small and helpless?”  She speaks for the many Americans who saw our imagery in battleground states this year and also changed their minds about abortion.  Our strategy and tactics are demonstrably effective.  Disturbing pictures are the history of social reform and the future of pro-life activism.

I intend no disrespect toward Governor Romney but I believe we could have won this narrowly decided election had we nominated a stronger candidate with a more effective campaign.  Governor Romney had liabilities which Barack Obama’s Chicago campaign skillfully exploited.  And Governor Romney’s campaign missed many opportunities to take the fight to the president.  Barack Obama emphasized abortion to single women (who now outnumber married women for the first time in American history) but their vote might have been overcome by a more convincing pitch to independents and greater appeal to our conservative base.  I remain confident that our strong field of reform-minded conservative governors and senators (as well as Rep. Paul Ryan) will produce a stronger ticket in 2016.  The tragic state of country after eight years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden should leave even this closely divided nation ready for a new course.

God is about to teach the Obama electorate a painful lesson in response to their intransigence, a lesson Greece is just beginning to learn.  We will all have to suffer this chastening but I thank God for all you did to educate voters over the last six months.  I assure you that your work was not in vain.  God will honor it in the fullness of time.  Remember that in the late eighteenth century, fully three-quarters of the world’s population was in bondage to some form of forced labor.  The abolition of slavery seemed unthinkable.  By God’s grace, a hand-full of reformers changed everything.  Now we must refresh ourselves and continue to follow their indomitable example.

CBR Appoints Lincoln Brandenburg as Project Director for Georgia

Lincoln Brandenburg, CBR Project Director, Georgia

Lincoln Brandenburg, CBR Project Director, Georgia

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Region Operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lincoln Brandenburg as our newest Project Director, responsible primarily for Georgia projects.

Lincoln is a graduate and former Student Ministries Director at the EI School of Biblical Training, a Bible and missions training school that emphasises personal discipleship and practical application of the Word of God into life and ministry.

Growing up in a Christian environment, Lincoln was always “pro-life,” but was only nominally involved.  But when he attended a local March for Life on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade in 2011, he was deeply convicted about his own complacency towards the killing of his unborn neighbors.  He sensed a calling to devote himself to pro-life work in response to God’s command to “love your neighbor.”

Since that time, he have been a leader in pro-life activities in Columbus, Georgia.  He has coordinated 40 Days for Life campaigns, organized and participated in sidewalk counseling and prayer, given pro-life presentations to church congregations, and served as a regular guest host for a local radio program.

Lincoln told FAB

I am honored to join with the team at CBR because I believe in the effectiveness of what CBR is doing.  Showing the pictures of what abortion actually does to it’s victims is essential to changing the minds of those who are pro-abortion, clarifying the issue for those on the fence, and galvanizing those who are pro-life.

Originally from Fayetteville, Georgia (just outside Atlanta), Lincoln has spent the last two years in Columbus, Georgia.  Before joining CBR, he has been a a sales representative at Cricket Wireless and a manager at Chick-fil-A.  He has now moved back to the Atlanta area to be more centrally located among the major universities in Georgia.

Welcome aboard, Lincoln!!!!

Sex selection now a milti-million dollar business


Sex Selection


Disturbing article by Jasmeet Sidhu regarding the sex-selection business in America.  The article is entitled “How to Buy a Daughter.”  Globally this phenomena discriminates against girls, not boys.  For example, FAB has written about sex selection in Canada, where girls are killed by abortion for the crime of being female.  However, there is evidence to suggest that American parents who seek gender-selection assistance are more likely to destroy boys.

The procedure is described as follows:

Inside a fourth-floor office suite off a palm-tree-lined street in Encino, Calif., in an embryology lab, two men wearing maroon scrubs peer into high-tech microscopes. The men are fertilizing human eggs with sperm samples collected earlier that day. After fertilization and three days of incubation, an embryologist uses a laser to cut a hole through an embryo’s protective membrane and then picks out one of the eight cells. Fluorescent dyes allow the embryologist to see the chromosomes and determine whether the embryo is carrying the larger XX pair of chromosomes or the tinier XY. The remaining seven cells will go on to develop normally if the embryo is chosen and implanted in a client’s uterus.

Obviously, human embryos are being created and then destroyed for the crime of being the wrong sex.

Many pro-abortion advocates also oppose sex selection, because they rightly fear what this phenomena will do to society as a whole.  More on that here.  Pro-lifers share this concern, but ultimately, we oppose sex selection because it destroys human beings.  We believe each and every human life is sacred and should be protected, regardless of gender.

Why can’t the media get enough of this project?

Nicole is interviewed by WUSA news anchor Peggy Fox.

CBR Virginia Director Nicole Cooley is interviewed by WUSA news anchor Peggy Fox.

Why are the media all over this project?  The Key State Initiative (KSI), our pro-life voter education project, is on the road in 4 states.  The media are biting!

That’s important because  media coverage helps get our message out, whether they show the pictures or not.  If they show the pictures, viewers get to see what abortion is and does.  If not, viewers learn that abortion is so horrifying, it can’t be shown.  Either way, our side wins.

Make your voice heard!  Truck fuel is very expensive.  Truck repairs aren’t cheap, either.  Travel costs are up.  We’ve been on the road for 7 weeks; only 9 more to go!  But we need your help.  Unless we hear from you soon, we’ll have to park the trucks and wait.  Yuck!  We hate to wait because babies are dying and Election Day is coming fast.  So please support KSI right now!

One great  bit of great news:  Every dollar you invest in this critical project is instantly matched, all the way up to $75,000!  So be sure to designate your gift for “Other” and type in “KSI”.  Or just send us an e-mail and we’ll take care of it.  Let’s raise $10,000 by the end of this week!

The trucks are in place; the rest is up to you.  Please support KSI now, for we urgently need your help.

ProLifeBook.com | A social network for the pro-life movement


ProLifeBook.com is an awesome networking site for pro-life activists.

Pro-life activist and CBR operative Todd Bullis is at it again!  The founder and perveyor of Pro-LifeTube.com has now launched ProLifeBook.com, a social networking site for pro-life people!  Story in WorldNetDaily here.

As of today, ProLifeBook has more than 3200 members, including yours truly!  I was one of the very first.  Of course, I never understood Facebook … and ProLifeBook works a lot like Facebook.  Yikes!  All of a sudden, with this one new invention, I reckon I’m twice as far behinder as I was before!  Woe is me.

Komen gets a black eye on Black-Eyed Susan Day at the Preakness

Samantha Linnemann exposes the Komen-abortion-cancer linkage.

Samantha Linnemann exposes the Komen-abortion-cancer linkage.

Another great story from Kurt Linnemann at CBR Maryland:

Komen gets a black eye on Black-Eyed Susan Day at the Preakness.

Friday, May 18th was Black-Eyed Susan Day at the Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore, MD.   This special event, which is part of Preakness Week at Pimlico, features female jockeys and live entertainment.  For the past several years, some of the proceeds from Black Eyed Susan Day have gone to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the breast cancer research fundraiser.  Komen, of course,  is still funneling money to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, while brazenly denying the large body of evidence that abortion is a major risk factor for breast cancer.

To highlight this outrageous situation, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) Maryland conducted a pro-life witness outside the entrance to Pimlico featuring graphic images of abortion and signs calling on Komen to defund Planned Parenthood.  Horse racing enthusiasts, most of whom had never seen anything of this sort and certainly didn’t expect to see it at Pimlico, were visibly surprised.  While many responded scornfully, others stopped to tell us they had never known about Komen’s support for Planned Parenthood, nor the link between abortion and breast cancer.  One post-abortive woman, showing no signs of animosity, stopped to speak with us for nearly an hour and even helped hold a sign!

This is the third time this year that CBR has demonstrated at a Komen Race.  We know that our actions are making both Komen and their patrons very uncomfortable.  Our hope is that the Komen Foundation will realize that they have brought this upon themselves, and reverse their misguided and tragic decision to fund the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Signs are force multipliers; they allow us to make a huge impact with just a few people.

Signs are force multipliers; they allow us to make a huge impact with just a few people.


Media helps expand the impact

Media helps expand the impact. Here's Kurt Linnemann on the local news.