Bridging the cultural divide

Cultural perspectives

Lincoln Brandenburg crosses the cultural divide to deliver a basic truth about human rights.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

One of the intriguing aspects of GAP is speaking with students from foreign lands.  Few have seen free speech like we do it.  When we brought GAP to Tennessee Tech University, our team spoke with several students from the Middle East.

CBR staffer Lincoln Brandenburg saw a young Middle Eastern man staring at the GAP signs, so he walked over and asked what the man thought.  Lincoln pointed to the pictures and asked, “Is it moral to have a child decapitated and dismembered like this?”

The young man didn’t think abortion was a good thing but emphasized that “it should still be the woman’s choice; we can’t force her not to.”  To him, it was a simple matter of not violating the rights of others, whether of not we agree with their decisions.

Lincoln and the young man discussed the humanity of the pre-born child and it’s implications.  Brandenburg pointed out that laws against hiring a hitman to kill one’s bothersome spouse also a man’s “rights.”  But such actions are innately at odds with the foundational right, and that is the right to live.  Without that basic human right, all other rights are meaningless.

If, as science confirms, the preborn child is human in the same way that her mother is human, then doesn’t decapitating and dismembering her violate her human rights?

As the men spoke, Lincoln frequently pointed back to the pictures of the abortion victims.  Before heading to class, the student shook his hand and told him: “You’ve really made me change my mind.  I realize that there’s more to this issue than I originally thought.”

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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