Bradley’s first GAP

Brad Staffon speaks to a student at the U of North Florida

Brad Staffon helps a student at the U of North Florida understand that life is a better choice than death.

On Sunday, February 19, CBR Project Director Nicole Cooley spoke to two Sunday School classes at the First Baptist Church of Hinesville, Georgia.  After she spoke, Brad Staffon, a 19-year-0ld young man, expressed interest in joining us on campus for a future GAP event.  Nicole said, “Pack your bags, we leave in 2  hours!”  Three days later, Brad was back in Hinesville, reporting on his GAP trip to the University of North Florida.  Here are his remarks:

Last Sunday Nicole came into my Sunday school class and told us about the Genocide Awareness Project, or GAP.  She showed us images that were not only graphic and disturbing, but were also inspiring.  I decided to not look but listen to what she had to say instead.  What she had to say was just this: killing unborn children is wrong.  She proceeded to tell us how many unborn babies were killed each year and it shocked me.  I spoke to her after class and asked her when then next time I could help was.  She said, “Pack your bags, we leave in two hours.”

When we first arrived at the University of North Florida, we attended CBR’s Pro Life Training Academy, where we learned what to say when we spoke to people about abortion.  They taught us a few questions to ask so we could have them questioning their own views.  The questions were, “What do you mean?,” “How did you come to that conclusion?,” and “Have you considered the implications of your views?”  Once you have all the information they have given you on their views, you can respond with your rebuttal.

One thing that will stick with me until the day I die is an encounter I had with a polite young lady who I’m almost sure had had an abortion.  She came to me with haste and much energy to ask why abortion is genocide.  I began to explain that by the UN definition, if any specific group of humans is killed on a massive scale, then it is genocide.  I also told her that in this case, the group in question is a specific age group.  So she understood that, however she was pro-choice and almost couldn’t stand near the display for long because of her choices in life.  I and three others got her to understand why we show these graphic displays.

When she finally understood, she walked away after thanking us for our time.  Her lips quivered and she walked away slowly thinking about what we had said and done.  What we had done is change her mind on how she felt about abortion.  She will forever have problems with her situation but now she knows we aren’t only trying to give knowledge and information but we are also here to help.

So you see, it may not always end in this way, but it really helps those who need it now more than ever.  It’s time for us to make a change.  Whether it’s changing hearts and minds, or changing lives and saving others in the process.  The time is now to stand up and speak for those who can’t.  Stand up my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and give your support.  Save your siblings from death.  If there was ever a cause more worthy of all our support, this would be it.  So please support us in any way that you can, whether it be donations or volunteering your time.  Thank you.

Please let us give a talk in your church!  We can show your brothers and sisters how to be heroes.  We can show them how to save babies within your own church and within your own community.  We can show them how to help reform the culture.  If you are willing to help arrange a talk in your church, please e-mail me at fletcher@ProLifeOnCampus.com.  Thanks!

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