Biola University defends abortion cover-up

irene neller

Irene Neller, Biola Vice President of University Communications and Marketing

Biola University has issued a statement (link here) in defense of their treatment of Biola alumnus Diana Jimenez when she was a student there.  The statement was issued by the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

FAB has previously reported on (a) Biola’s threats of arrest and expulsion (link to story and YouTube video here) and (b) Biola’s subsequent retaliation against Jimenez when efforts to silence her were made public in the YouTube video produced by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (link to story here).

Biola’s release is reprinted in full:

Biola University is aware of a recent video posted online showing a student attempting to display inappropriate, graphic images on campus.

Biola abhors the destruction of innocent life through the brutal practice of abortion on demand, and we support student efforts to raise awareness and advocate for biblical convictions. However, there are numerous ways to go about activism on this issue, especially on our pro-life campus. The public displaying of very graphic, disturbing images — for whatever purpose, even one so in line with Biola’s heart — is not an appropriate venue of student expression on our campus.

At issue in this situation is not Biola’s commitment to biblical fidelity and the pro-life cause, which we steadfastly uphold. Biola has always been and will always be committed to supporting the pro-life movement and accommodating campus dialogue on the subject, and this has been communicated to students. (For more information, please read this overview of some of the ways in which the university advocates for the sanctity of life.)

This issue is about the appropriate free expression of views on these issues on our campus. As outlined in our Student Handbook, all student assemblies and forums are subject to approval by the office of the Dean of Students. In this instance, the student sought approval to display graphic imagery on campus and she was denied. Student Development communicated clearly with the student on the matter, explaining that the photos were not allowed because they would be disruptive to campus activity. Student Development expressed to her that she would be free to share information on this issue on campus through other methods (a table with handouts, a panel discussion, etc.). Even after multiple discussions with Student Development personnel, the student continued to disregard these discussions, chose to violate peaceful assembly policies, baited our Campus Safety officers, filmed when asked to stop, and continued her attempt to display these images on campus. Because she violated our policies and ignored our concerns, Campus Safety intervened. It is unfortunate that the situation has been misrepresented.

We are continually in prayer for our community: faculty, staff and students who care deeply for the needs of our society and who seek earnestly, with respect and integrity, to serve our Lord Jesus with conviction and courage. Thank you for your continued understanding and prayer on this matter.

 Questions for Biola University:

  1. You say that displaying disturbing images is not appropriate.  Why is it wrong for Biola students to be disturbed about injustice?  Especially an injustice that brutally destroys innocent human beings?  Especially a brutal, deadly injustice being committed by Biola students against their own children?
  2. How can you claim to support efforts to raise awareness about abortion and then work harder than Planned Parenthood to prevent awareness?
  3. If you believe abortion to be brutal destruction of innocent life, then what exactly are you doing to stop it’s practice among Biola students?  How does keeping students ignorant of the truth help?
  4. Comment:  Yes, showing abortion images on campus is disruptive to at least one campus activity, that of Biola students getting abortions because the full truth of abortion is being withheld from them.
  5. Comment:  Showing abortion images on campus is also disruptive to the kind of apathy among Christians that enables abortion to continue.
  6. You say that Ms. Jimenez violated “peaceful” assembly policies.  This is an obvious attempt to portray Ms. Jimenez as being not-peaceful.  How was she not peaceful?  Your attempt to deceive is unbecoming to a Christian institution.
  7. You say the situation has been misrepresented.  Really?  How so?  Who, specifically, do you claim has misrepresented the truth?
  8. Comment:  Yes, it is your commitment to the pro-life cause that is at issue.

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2 Responses to “Biola University defends abortion cover-up”

  1. June 6th, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Amy Nelson says:

    I support Diana Jimenez in sharing the truth and reality of the horror and brutality of abortion. The reality of it is, Ms. Jimenez shared the truth. Theses images are the truth…so I guess you have to decide where you stand Biola University….do you represent the truth and are willing to stand up against the violent and brutal murder of children…or are you willing to sweep it under the rug because reality made some people uncomfortable? What side are you on…life or death…because there is NO middle ground.

  2. June 10th, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    T. Russell Hunter says:

    Abolitionists in Norman, Oklahoma, have gone on to the campus of our very secular very abortion-approving university repeatedly with graphic images and have never once received the kind of treatment Diana Jimenez received at Biola.

    To be Pro-life like Biola… is to just have a moral opinion or philosophical opposition to abortion while seeking to cover it up. Biola has some good things going for it, but this is rank hypocrisy from a school that breeds Christian apologists.

    Russell A//A

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