Best pro-life apologetics training on the planet, now available at no cost to you!

Jay Watts explains how to "trot out the toddler."

Jay Watts explains how to defend the preborn by “trotting out the toddler.”

My friend Jay Watts and the Life Training Institute (LTI) offer the best pro-life apologetics training around.  Now they can come to you at no cost!

LTI has recieved a grant to reach 20,000 more high school students in 2013 than they did in 2012. This gift makes it possible for LTI to offer Jay and the other LTI speakers to Christian schools across the United States at no cost.  LTI will send these guys out to any place in the country to speak to a high school audience on The Case for Life.  What’s more, they will cover their own travel costs.  The only thing the Christian high schools — both Protestant and Catholic — need to do is open their doors.

Jay and I have worked together several times training people to debate angry pr0-aborts at CBR events.  I can assure you that Jay is a first rate presenter.  Here are links to Jay’s bio page and to his presentation at the 2013 SALT Conference.  Scott Klusendorf has assembled a whole team of talented speakers, and I encourage you to take advantage of this generous offer.

We have to be serious about getting the truth about abortion to our youth and equipping them to think and talk about this issue with their peers.  When you consider that, according to Guttmacher Institute, half of all abortions are sought out and performed on young women 15 to 24 years old, you can understand why this donor felt so strongly about reaching American high schoolers.  Since conscience demands that we talk about abortion, prudence demands that we learn to talk about it effectively and teach our children to do the same.  LTI teaches this skill better than anyone else.

Here is Jay’s presentation at the 2013 SALT Conference:

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    […] Fletcher Armstrong says a grant has been provided to bring Life Training Institute’s amazing speakers to U.S. Christian high schools at no cost. According to Armstrong, this is the “best pro-life apologetics training on the planet.” […]

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