BBC 1: The Big Question – Should abortion be a private matter?

Andy Stephenson, Co-Director, CBR UK

Andy Stephenson, Co-Director, CBR UK

CBR United Kingdom Director Andy Stephenson was on The Big Question, a program on BBC One, the flagship TV station of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).   The Big Question on this day was, “Should abortion be a private matter?”

Andy’s answer was “Yes … if …”   Great sound bites you can use:

  • There should be unrestricted access to abortion, if the unborn child is not a human being.
  • All we’re doing is showing people what they do.
  • Why would the truth be intimidating?
  • If abortion is such a good idea, why to pictures of it make people so angry?
  • It is not a controversial issue that life begins at conception.  If they want to get rid of us, we will leave tomorrow if they can prove to us, with science, that the preborn child being killed is not a human being.
  • On filming:  That’s why we film [our own work]; we knew there would be false allegations.  We knew we had to document our displays.  We invite the police to attend every display we do.

Pro-life activists all over the planet are employing CBR-developed methods of legally educating the public about two key facts:  (1) Who this the preborn? and (2) What does abortion do to him or her?

Check out Andy Stephenson on British TV, saying it like it outta to be said:


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