Attacking the First Amendment – Is that the best you can do?

Bob Schieffer of CBS

Bob Schieffer of CBS

You may know some of this story, which relates to the current election cycle.  But the story is even more important for pro-lifers because it is part of a broader strategy to undermine First Amendment protections for political speech.

Toby Harnden of the London Daily Telegraph has written an opinion piece entitled, “Epitaph for Barack Obama’s Democrats: ‘Is that the best you can do?'”

 Here’s the video of Bob Schieffer asking that question of David Axelrod:


You might want to watch this response by Charles Krauthammer.

As pro-lifers, we must look at this in the broader context, which is the all-out assault our right to speak on political matters.  Obama and his band of Alinsky-ites are trying to permanently strip us of this right in order to gain and keep political power for themselves.  They have been restrained by two recent Supreme Court decisions (Federal Election Commission v. Wisconsin Right to Life and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission), but only by narrow 5-4 majorities on the Court.  [Just a reminder: elections matter.]

Mark Levin exposes the hypocrisy of these people in this analysis that is worthy of your consideration.

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