Artscape 2011: The “Art” of Abortion

The "Art" of Abortion display at Artscape 2011 was visible to thousands

The "Art" of Abortion display at Artscape 2011 was visible to thousands.

This report from CBR Maryland Directors Kurt and Samantha Linnemann:

Artscape is the largest art festival in the country, bringing 350,000 people to Baltimore over a 3-day weekend.  We were strategically located in the center of the festival, where thousands upon thousands of people walked past our display.  In addition to 4 GAP signs and 3 hand-held “Choice” signs, we also displayed a banner that said, “The Art of Abortion, The Slaughter of The Innocent.”  All of the signs featured graphic pictures of abortion.  CBR volunteers handed out pro-life literature to passersby.

When we showed the signs, the Baltimore City Police threatened to arrest us.  We simply asked what we were going to be arrested for.  Knowing they had nothing to charge us with, they backed down.  Fifteen police officers stood by and watched our display go up and stay up for the following 3 hours.

Our photos precipitated many meaningful conversations.  But more importantly, thousands of young people, many of whom said they support abortion, were faced with the reality of what abortion does to an innocent human being.   Many were challenged to re-evaluate their pro-“choice” position.

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The Art of Abortion at Artscape 2011 in Baltimore

The "Art" of Abortion at Artscape 2011 in Baltimore

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2 Responses to “Artscape 2011: The “Art” of Abortion”

  1. July 21st, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Mike says:

    I love the sign that says “I like sex, not babies” – kind of them to admit they are killing babies.

  2. July 22nd, 2011 at 11:45 am

    LBJ says:

    Hey, come to the Ann Arbor Art Fair!

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