Are the men at Liberty University just more adept … ?



Students tell us that the opinion among Liberty U students was divided.  Some appreciated our efforts to expose the deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11); some did not.  That was not a surprise.

But several of our staff members noticed something very different about the reaction of Liberty University students to our presence.  The people who objected were almost all men.  They seemed to believe that they were all pro-life enough, and we shouldn’t bother them any more about it.  (They didn’t realize that one of our our primary goals was to bother them about abortion, so that they would do something about it.)  They listened politely to our explanations, but you could see the skepticism was still there.

The women, however, all seemed to get it.  They didn’t claim that their classmates were all pro-life.  They understood the need for students to see the pictures, even at a Christian school like Liberty.

Could it be that the men didn’t get it because, as a group, men are much more adept at hiding (from each other) their involvement with sex, pregnancy, and abortion?

We are not being critical in this regard; we are just being realistic.  CBR’s Executive Director Gregg Cunningham recalls listening to a broadcast of James Dobson’s radio program, during which Dr. Dobson interviewed six Christian college presidents.  Dr. Dobson asked them if they had ever seen a pregnant student on their campuses.  To a person, they said no.  To a person, they all believed this was evidence that their students were living chaste lives.  Dr. Dobson was incredulous.  We are not.

Perhaps the women need to speak, and the men need to listen up.

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  1. September 13th, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    (Prolifer)ations 9-13-11 - Jill Stanek says:

    […] Fletcher Armstrong’s examines the response of women versus men to the recent Genocide Awareness Project display on Liberty University’s campus. More women saw the need to educate on the issue of abortion, whereas the men at the Christian liberal arts university felt they were “pro-life enough” – missing the fact that the display was meant to spur them to greater action against the abortion holocaust. The women also seemed to be in less denial about their (and their peers’) involvement with sex, pregnancy and abortion. […]

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