Are aborting mothers like Nazis?

Source: www.theunchoice.com

Source: www.theunchoice.com

by Fletcher Armstrong

Continuing our See you in the funny papers series (explanation), this one from the Grand Valley State University Lanthorn.

Science Student:  Your “movement” implies that those who have had abortions are “murderers” and compares them to those who oversaw the holocaust [i.e. “Nazis”].

CBR Response:  We explicitly state that women who have had abortions may not be compared to Nazis.  In fact, aborting mothers are often more victim than perpetrator.  They’ve been lied to.  Many face enormous pressure and even threats of abandonment (or worse) by irresponsible or predatory males who should be supporting them.  Some “choice.”

We compare abortion to the Holocaust because in both cases, (1) the victims are denied rights of personhood, (2) perpetrators use dehumanizing terms to describe the people they intend to kill, etc.  But we also compare slavery to the Holocaust, for all the same reasons.  Does that mean that we believe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and William Clark were as evil as Nazis, because they owned slaves?  Of course not.  These men are personal heroes of mine, but they were very wrong about a grave moral issue.  They grew up in a society in which slavery was an accepted part of daily life.

Perpetrators of genocide almost always discount the humanity of their victims.

Perpetrators of genocide almost always discount the humanity of their victims.

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One Response to “Are aborting mothers like Nazis?”

  1. June 8th, 2016 at 2:44 am

    Peter Davey says:

    Would you mind very much altering the title of this piece to something like, “Aborting mothers are not like Nazis”. It’s not that there’s anything logically wrong with the existing title, but as a teaser it risks hitting the wrong note right from the start. When I saw it, I immediately thought, “Oh no – not someone comparing women with Nazis!”

    On the evidence of my own reaction, as an anti-abortion person, I can only think what a negative effect it might have on those we want to influence. The title I’ve suggested also gives a more accurate summary of the piece.

    Also, imagine what could be made of this by our opponents using innuendo, e.g. “The anti-women site, Fletcherarmstrongblog, which contains articles such as ‘Are aborting mothers like Nazis'”

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