Another baby saved!

Gary Johnson and the photos that saved Suzanne's baby.

Gary Johnson and the photos that saved Suzanne's baby.

Got a voice mail today from Suzanne (not her real name), a grateful mother who saw one of CBR’s hand-held “Choice” signs.  She was on her way into an abortion clinic when she saw the two signs that CBR supervolunteer Gary Johnson displays at one of the clinics every Friday morning.

Gary has seen many moms turn around and leave the clinic after seeing abortion photos.  But this time, Suzanne walked over and thanked him for showing her the truth.  Gary gave her my number, so she called and left this message:

Fletcher, my name is Suzanne.  I was going to get an abortion today.  But I saw your pictures and I changed my mind.  So, I guess you helped save my baby’s life.  And you saved mine, too.  But I just want to say thank you for those pictures.  That was just horrible.  I couldn’t do it.  Thank you.  Please pray for me.

She was thanking Gary and me, and we are thanking you.  This is an eternal victory.  Because of your support, Satan was defeated in Knoxville today.  Suzanne’s baby was saved.  Thank you for supporting CBR.  And please pray for Suzanne and her baby.

To save more babies and moms like Suzanne, can I count you you to help?  Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution!

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  1. June 3rd, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Tami Defenderfer says:

    Awesome! Praise God!

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