America on Trial: The real story from Philadelphia

Mark Crutcher

Mark Crutcher

Great op-ed by Mark Crutcher (link here), commenting on the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Just one of the atrocities:

One witness testified about a baby they killed that was 12-18 inches long and that Gosnell joked about one of them being big enough to walk him home.  Another testified that Gosnell also joked about a baby that was writhing as he cut its neck saying, “that’s what you call a chicken with its head cut off.”

Destroying humanity:

The answer to why these atrocities would occur is not hard to find.  First, while the pro-life movement claims that abortion takes the life of a living human being, nobody on earth knows that better than the people who work at abortion clinics.  The lofty rhetoric of “choice” may insulate those who work in the political and public relations arena, but the day-to-day reality for those who provide those “choices” is to deal with the corpses and parts of corpses they pull out of their customers’ bodies.  It is an environment that inevitably destroys the humanity of those who choose to live in it.  In fact, look up the definition of “psychopath” and you will see a textbook description of the kind of person who is mentally capable of performing abortions.

On Gosnell’s defense:

 To paraphrase their position: these babies were taken to this abortion clinic to be killed and they were killed … so what’s the problem? … What they are saying is that, if Gosnell decapitated these babies while they were still inside their mothers’ abdomens – rather than a few feet away on a stainless steel table – then nothing illegal occurred.  To put it another way, the mere fact that these children were butchered is irrelevant as long as they were butchered in the appropriate location.  The tragedy is, under existing abortion law that is a viable position.  It also defines the abyss of moral bankruptcy that our legal system – and our nation as a whole – fell into on the day that Roe vs. Wade was handed down.   (emphasis added)

What the Gosnell trial is doing:

 It is forcing the intellectually honest members of our society to ask themselves why they can be so horrified by what this guy did to these babies outside the womb, but so accepting of the fact that the same things are done to babies inside the womb every day in abortion clinics all over the country.  Either the American people are legitimately blind to the hypocrisy and irrationality of that, or they have made a conscious decision to look the other way.  If it is the latter, they have no right to be outraged when the Kermit Gosnells of this world come along and rub their noses in it.  (emphasis added)

The real defendant:

The late Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, once stated that America would be judged on how it treats those at the dawn of life, those in the twilight of life and those in the shadows of life.  If he was right, then the ultimate verdict of this trial will not be rendered by the 12 men and women who made up the jury.  Instead, it will be revealed in the way the public responds to what they’ve been shown.  Make no mistake; regardless of anything that happened or didn’t happen in that courtroom, the real defendant was the American people.  (emphasis added)

To read the whole piece click here.

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  1. May 8th, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Emily says:

    Thank you for this very well written and heartfelt article. I appreciate knowing that there are people like you sharing this viewpoint that so many of us hold. Thank you and God Bless you

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