Abortion pictures at Columbus State instill fear

The power of the pictures tear down the walls that drown out the call to action.

Pictures instill fear in Christians, but change hearts and minds.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

“I am a Christian and a Baptist,” the Columbia State University co-ed said with righteous indignation.  “This display is wrong! … This doesn’t help!  We know what abortion is!  Dead babies?  NO!  Don’t show that!”

This young woman may have honestly believed that showing such pictures is wrong.  She may have thought people already know what abortion is.  But we think her reaction was mostly fear … fear of verbal reprisals against her and other Christians, perhaps.  The fear of rejection has prompted many pro-life Christians to cower under tables, hide out in CRU meetings, etc.  [We love Campus Crusade for Christ, but if the shoe fits …]

After some time she finally said, “Well I respect you and know you want to help.  I just wish you wouldn’t do it this way.”

We pray for Christians on campus to find their courage … and then find their way.  The world needs Christians to stand up and be counted.

Two other young women illustrate why our courage is so important.

They stared intently at the pictures.  One of them pointed to a 10-week abortion photo and asked CBR’s Maggie Egger, “That circular part there, is that the heart?”  Maggie replied, “I don’t know actually.  It could be the heart or it could be the stomach or something else, it’s hard to tell.”  The other girl chimed in, “But they do have a heart at that point, right?”  Maggie answered in the affirmative.  The two nodded and continued to study the picture for a few more minutes.  Then as they slowly walked away, one said, “I mean, that’s a baby!”  The other replied solemnly, “It’s a baby…It’s a baby.”

The pictures work.  When more Christians use them courageously, they will work more places, more often.  Please stand up and make your voice heard by supporting Pro Life on Campus.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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