Abortion good for rape victims?

Nicole Cooley

Nicole Cooley

CBR Virginia Director Nicole Cooley is a frequent speaker on the subject of abortion and rape.  She can tell you from her own experience that abortion does not help the victim of rape, it only compounds the trauma from one act of violence with another.

Nicole asks  you to pray for “Kathy,” another victim of rape who was deceived into having an abortion.  Working undercover for the police, Kathy was brutally gang-raped.  Later, after recovering from her extensive injuries in the hospital, she discovered she was also pregnant.  She aborted at 7 weeks, which, according to Kathy, “made everything so much worse.”   She told Nicole, “I am no better than the thugs I tried to put in jail.”  The combination of traumas created a cocktail of deadly emotions.  Like Nicole, Kathy has learned the hard way that abortion doesn’t help rape victims.  Instead it makes healing from both traumas infinitely more difficult.

Kathy was recently admitted to the hospital, where she is in critical condition because she staved herself down to 65 pounds, hoping to kill herself.  She has damaged her heart and kidneys but the doctors are working now to treat her.  In fact, she has already gained 5 pounds, which is good news.

Please pray for Kathy and other post-abortive women who desperately need healing from their abortion traumas.  Post-abortion trauma is real.  And avoidable.   Please help us educate more women (and men) so others can avoid the trauma of abortion in the first place.  Your gift will save women like Kathy.

Please pray for Kathy’s medical team and for Nicole, as she ministers to Kathy’s spirit.

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  1. December 5th, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    ann white says:

    during abortion a person loses their dignity, self respect and control.. This is no excuse to kill a baby, I will go as far to let women take the night after pill providing it is first one or two days.. But if the baby is developed then baby must not be killed…

    Since when it is ok to kill child of a rapist
    since when it is ok to kill your own baby regardless who the father is?

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