A crisis pregnancy center on wheels? What’ll they think of next?!

Mobile pregnancy help center saves babies and moms and families in Houston, Texas.

Mobile pregnancy help center saves babies and moms and families in Houston, Texas.

I got this from Michael Silva of Imagi-Motive in Magnolia, Texas. And you thought only Disney had imagineers!

A Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center

Society is ever-changing. What worked yesterday may not work today, especially when it involves ministry. Of course the message, the truth, remains the same, but the vehicle that we use to deliver the truth often needs a fresh face.

Imagi-Motive is a family-owned company that has a reputation for being innovative in the vehicles they design for extreme tailgaters or companies looking for a mobile marketing solution. However, the Mims family also has a heart for the unborn, and they have put their talents to work in the battle to save lives.

As you may know, Houston, Texas, unfortunately, houses the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the world. However, what may be news to you is how the Houston Coalition for Life is impacting Planned Parenthood‘s efforts. How are they making a difference? With a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Vehicle!

In mid-January of this year, Imagi-Motive completed the mobile crisis unit, and the Houston Coalition for Life increased their presence in the community. They began seeing dramatic results right away. Within the first twenty-two outings, nearly seventy women had been ministered to, counseled, and given pregnancy tests. And, those who were contemplating an abortion were provided the opportunity to have an ultrasound. Most importantly, the lives of seven babies, who were already scheduled for abortion, were saved. Seven!

But, that is not all. One lady, scared for many reason and struggling with her decision to abort, got up from the abortion table, went back outside to the Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Vehicle, and chose life! All I can say is thank God for this ministry tool!

Imagi-Motive is on a mission to let every crisis pregnancy center in America know about these units and how they help save lives.

In Matthew 28:16-20, we are given The Great Commission by Christ. He instruct us to go—that’s right, go—and make disciples. There are many ways to impact the communities in which we live, and the Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Vehicle helps us achieve this directive.

Praise the Lord for lives saved!

For more information on this ministry tool, contact us at msilva@imagimotive.com.

Michael Silva
Imagi-Motive LLC
Magnolia, Texas

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2 Responses to “A crisis pregnancy center on wheels? What’ll they think of next?!”

  1. July 26th, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    prissilla says:

    hi do you guys help pregnant women with a substance abuse problem.

  2. July 26th, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Fletcher says:

    For that kind of help, the best place to go is a pregnancy help center, and there is almost certainly one near you. I can’t guarantee that the first ones you call will have all the services/referrals you need, but most of them are quite comprehensive in the services/referrals they can help you with, and that would often include referrals to people in your community that can help. The resources listed below are described on our website: http://www.prolifeoncampus.com/crisis-pregnancy-help. In order of preference, check these out:

    http://www.optionline.org — This website will direct you to a center near you.
    1-800-393-4357 (24 hours/day)
    1-800-848-5683 (24 hours/day)
    1-800-238-4269 (16 hours/day)

    Hope that helps. Please contact us if you need more assistance. Please check back here, as others may offer suggestions as well. If you would like to leave a message on our website (www.ProLifeOnCampus.com), let us know where you live and we can provide more specific information.

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