Campus Outreach Continues at the University of Florida

GAP at University of Florida

GAP at University of Florida

“Hundreds of students lost their appetites when they walked past the pictures of bloody fetuses displayed on the Reitz Union North Lawn and the Plaza of the Americas Monday.” So reported The Independent Alligator (IA) at the University of Florida. Story here.

IA columnist Paul Murty provides the obligatory editorial rebuttal to GAP. You may add your own comments to both the story and the editorial.

Murty, like many abortion apologists, insists on his own definition of genocide. Like the Turks, Nazis, segregationists, and others before him, Murty just wants a better society. It’s OK because his victims, after all, are subhuman. Then he plays the intolerance card, which is almost comical. He believes the University should be intolerant of anybody he deems to be intolerant, which is the same as anybody who disagrees with him. Mr. Murty, if abortion is just another “choice”, then why do pictures of it make you so angry?

Murty may ignore our message, but thousands don’t. Note the adopted baby pictured in the photo above (GAP sign on bottom row). That baby’s mom saw the GAP signs at the University of Tennessee and changed her mind.

If abortion truly is the holocaust of our time, please help us win hearts, change minds, and save lives on campus.

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