3 for 1 donor match pays off for babies and moms!

baby saved at the University of Tennessee

Baby saved at the University of Tennessee.

We are pleased to announce that a generous donor is willing to match your gift to CBR-SE / Pro Life on Campus.  Not once.  Not twice.  But three times!


That means for every $1 you provide, we receive $4 to save babies and moms.

Here’s how it works.  When you sign up for an automatic monthly gift, our anonymous donor will match your first month’s gift—his $3 for every $1 you commit.  Example: you give $60/month, our donor gives $180 today!  Your $60 puts $240 to work saving babies and moms, right now!  No gift will go unmatched; your $10 puts $40 to work!  Please give now, before our donor goes broke and it’s too late!   Here’s the page link.  Then hit “Monthly DONATION” and provide the requested information over our secure connection. 

Please pass this along to all your pro-life friends.  If you care about saving babies and moms, this deal is too good to miss.

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